Life and Sports

Hey Everyone,

Long time No Blog! I have been pretty busy as of late with school work and other extra-curricular activities, mock interviews, job interviews, searching for grad schools, studying for tests, group projects, practicing a routine for a couple of different shows, meetings, conventions, community service, work, and countless other things.

The Life of a student can be difficult at times. Time management skills are essential at this point in the semester when midterms are taking place, and papers are due.

On another note there are some crazy things going on in sports. First of all everyone’s biggest fear came true. The Yankees Lost and Derek Jeter is now a free agent. Contract Negotiations could get ugly, Derek is 36 years old and has diminishing talent. We’ll see how this turns out. Cliff Lee could possible join the Yankees. I hope so we could use a guy like him.

In Golf Tiger Woods is no longer ranked number 1 in the world. That just seems ridiculous. I never thought I would see the day. I wonder when and if he will return to his old self. The new number 1 ranked golfer is Lee Westwood.

In Basketball Lebron James and Dwayne Wade have some pretty cool commercials. I like Dwayne Wade’s Commercials better though. Did you guys see Anthony Tolliver Making fun of Lebron James on Sports center? That was comedy. Lakers versus Heat? I am not sure how this will work out at the end but for now the Lakers are still the team to beat. Hopefully within the next year or so The Knicks could have Carmello Anthony, Chris Paul, and Amare Stoudemire on the same team. That would be a dream come true and revitalize NY basketball even though the current team is not bad.

In Football The Cowboys and Vikings are pretty unsettled right now. The cowboys start out their season 1 and 6 which is ridiculous for a team which sports analysts believed would have won a championship sometime between now and the last 3 years. Vikings have released Randy Moss after only having him for a couple of games. That’s the second time this season a team has decided to remove him from their roster. Moss is now with the titans and could make things interesting for defensive schemes who focus on Chris Johnson.

As you can see In the little time that I do watch television, I watch Sports Center. Till next time everyone!