First Semester Recap

Jeez, no post since October 4th. How lazy can I get?

Well since my last two blogs, a lot had happened. I’m a proud brother of Zeta Beta Tau, I’m starting two new clubs on campus (which I hope will be up and running in the upcoming semester), became a member of WNYO, and took 5 classes. So I guess in a sense I had a lot to occupy my time. But onto my blog, so here I go.

Things I learned from this semester:

  • There is A LOT of snow in Oswego
  • Brotherhood means the world to me
  • You have to set goals and standards for myself
  • You need to be in something 100% to succeed at it
  • Planning ahead does so much more good than harm
  • If you believe in something enough, it can happen
  • Always be proud of your accomplishments, but always be humble about them
  • Two majors is more work than one, but more rewarding
  • Networking WORKS
  • Distance changes everything
  • Know what you want to major in (even if you don’t yet, school IS a work in progress)
  • When times are tough, always have faith in yourself and others

In those few bullet points, that literally can sum up my entire semester. This semester taught me to keep pushing myself in everything and don’t stop until you have finished what you started. I guess this can be my advice blog? I had such a meaningful experience this past semester and it renewed faith in myself and trust in others. I’m not one for lengthy blogs personally, I like to be short, sweet and to the point. But until next time, this song helped me get through the semester.

A Day To Remember- All I Want