Cell phone used linked to tumors

I was searching the swine flu and tracking it in the U.S on CNN.com when I came across an article about cell phone use linked to tumors. This caught my eye.
The radiation that cell phones, especially blackberrys and iPhones, give off are extremely harmful. Regardless, research has been conducted on people who have had tumors in the brain or salivary glands and have been using cell phones for 10 plus years, it still poses a problem in today’s society.
A friend of mine works in sales at a Verizon Wireless store in upstate New York, while another friend works at Sprint in the capital region of Albany. I have heard multiple stories from them of how they have sold phones to parents for their children as young as six! Six years old! Can you believe this?! First of all, a child’s brain and scull are not full developed which allows easy transmission of radiation from cell phone usage. Just as it is easier for a child as young as six to catch a cold because they are sensitive to these things. Now very few parents are getting their children the simplistic phones, they are purchasing the high-tech phones such as the Env3 touch, LG voyager and even the iPhone from Apple that have high radiation transmission.
According to research by CTIA in 2005, wireless usage has sky rocketed. Over 65 percent of U.S house holds use a wire less cell phone and 6 percent of households are completely wireless. 675 billion minutes were used during the first three months of 2005. Now, that was four years ago. Think of the technology that has been produced and consumed in the last four years.
This is going to greatly effect the U.S and the world if cell phone usage continues. Soon enough all house holds will completely wireless. Children as young as two years old will be exposed to cell phones when they talk to their grandparents who are across the country.
This is an epidemic. Something needs to be done, but what can be done? Americans have become so dependent on technology that we would lose our heads if we didn’t have our cell phones in our hands at every minute.
So, since it won’t be possible to pry cell phones out of the lives of Americans, here are some tips to lower your contact with cell phone emissions from the EMF:
1. Limit calls/keep them short.
2. Only allow children to use cell phones for emergencies.
3. Wear airtube headset.
4. Don’t put cell phone on belt or in pocket while it is on.
5. Wait for call to connect before placing it near your ear
6. Limit use inside metal areas such as cars or elevators.
7. Make a call when service bar is two or more.
8. Purchase a phone with low SAR.
9. Use a scientifically validated EMF phone
10. Take nutritional supplements.

I will continue to do more research on this topic and post more later. For now, visit these links: