Don’t Worry, It All Works Out

… those were the final last words from one Steve Granelli as I left Lanigan Hall in a frazzled, worried mess. Would I be able to continue on the fast track to a December graduation? In the name of all that is holy in internship land, how would I be able to stretch my internship to earn me the 6 credits I oh-so-desperately needed?

To bring you up to speed, I did land an internship for the summer, and I am BEYOND thrilled about what I’m doing. I’m a Long Island girl, born and raised (though I will contend that I am a displaced country girl at heart), and when I saw a posting on LakerLeads that looked perfect for me, I had to apply.

And now, I am a proud intern at not one, but TWO of Long Island’s biggest and most popular radio stations!

Okay, Long Islanders, you’ve probably listened to either one of these two stations in your lifetime. I grew up on both of them, listening to WBLI every morning as I got ready for school, and blasting WBAB in the car with my dad. I think that’s what I’m so excited to be a part of something that has been there for me for years upon years – I can identify with both stations since I am a listener myself. Just to give you an idea, I distinctly remember listening to WBLI after 9/11, and I was only 11 years old on that fateful day. Who knows how long I was listening to WBLI/WBAB before that?!

Anyway, I just wrapped up my second full day with WBLI. I work Wednesdays from 6am-9am, then again from 11am-2pm, and sometimes later than that, depending on whether or not I have an event to work later. I also work other promotional events throughout the week, depending on what we have planned and what events I have chosen to work.

More to come on the ins and outs of my internship in upcoming posts – I don’t wanna give away all the details just yet! For now, I will leave you with a picture of my two intern t-shirts I wear when I go on events. Yeah, I was kinda excited after orientation and took a picture. Teeheehee 🙂