Photos of the Week


This past week there have been many stands just like this one all over SUNY Oswego’s campus making sure people are registered to vote and have their absentee ballot through Vote Oswego.



Earl Bellinger is an alumnus from Class of 2012 who came in this week to give a lecture called “From Starlight to Stellar Ages: A Look inside the Private Life of Stars.” He is an astronomy doctoral student at Yale and was the first SUNY Oswego student to intern with NASA at CalTech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Introducing Nicole

Hi guys! I am Nicole Lightfoot. I am a Junior at SUNY Oswego and I am going for my BFA in graphic design with a minor in photography. I am eventually going to go for my masters in art education. I would really like to move down to Florida after school and be an art teacher. I would also like to have my own  photography studio on the side of teaching. I enjoy photography a lot and I am currently Vice President of photography club. I don’t blog very much but, I am super excited to get the opportunity to discuss different topics with everyone!