Spooky weekend!

Hey everyone!! Sorry i haven’t gotten a post in in a while, but I’ve been pretty busy. This week was fun-filled with practice 6 days a week, and 3 of those days were twice a day, which is always a good time. I also started my lifeguarding job at the YMCA in Fulton, which is a pretty sweet job by the way, and if anyone had their lifeguarding cards should apply πŸ™‚

This weekend I went to a Swim Team Alumni’s house near Albany for a Haunted Hayride/Haunted house trip. We went to what I think was the hometown of Ichabod Crane Maybe??? and went to this place that had a haunted hayride, three haunted houses, and a haunted corn maze. I guess it’s like one of the best in the country, so if anyone is interested in doing that, you should definitely look it up; it is definitely worth the 30$$! It was pretty much the scariest thing I’ve ever done, and it was great to get away for the weekend with some swimming and diving friends for some extra “bonding time” πŸ™‚

Back in Oswego, and back to reality.

β™₯Hey Guys, this is my first post of the year. My name is Leah and I am a Junior here at Oswego. I am also on the Varsity Swimming team. That being said, I am forewarning you that many of my posts will most likely be about swimming, since that is pretty much my life besides schoolwork. I had a really nice relaxing summer and enjoyed the beautiful weather that I had at home in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area. However, now its back to business and time for me to start getting busy again, lol. The first few weeks of classes was nice without work and swim practice, however next week I will start both my lifeguarding job AND official swim practices…… needless to say, that should be a good time. haha. Dont’t get me wrong, i LOVE school and working out but theres just something about summertime that beats it all. Speaking of schoolwork, I should probably get to doing some of that so i will leave you for now, and I will get atcha’ in a few days! πŸ™‚