Relaxation and anticipation

I’m being pulled in two directions.  I’m glad it’s Winter break and I can relax and enjoy some time away from homework, but I also can’t wait for next semester to start.  It’s going to be a very busy, yet exciting, semester.  I start my internship in the Office of Judicial Affairs, and let me tell you, I can’t wait!

Admissions has been very busy with applications, phone calls, and visits.  (Anyone who has applied for the Fall semester: the first batch of decision letters go out on January 15th).  I love working there and enjoy hearing how excited everyone is.  Next semester will be very busy with planning for Open Houses and Admitted Student Days.  Check out SUNY Oswego’s visit page for dates and registration.

I’m taking some random, but necessary classes: Accounting 2, Marketing, English Lit in the Global Context, and Conflict Management.  My internship at Judicial Affairs is also credit bearing, which is great!  I know this is boring, but you all want to know my life don’t you?

Other things going on…I’m trying to plan a trip to Boston in March.  I am a member of ACPA, which is an organization for student affairs professionals.  As a student interested in the field I get to be part of the organization and attend a conference held in Boston this year.  I applied for the scholarship and am going to try to find other sources of funding. Cross your fingers for me!  Another is the search for a new apartment.  Unfortunately I have to move out of my amazing apartment at the end of this May.  I have been looking for a new place, but nothing compares to where I am.  I’m taking my time and looking at different places, but time is running out.  Hopefully by the time I post again I will have found a new place.

Again, good luck to all applicants.  Hello all alumni, current students, staff, and faculty. (Cheesy, I know :-p )

NYS Equality and Beliefs – My article from The Oswegonian

This week has been written into history.

The New York State Senate met Wednesday morning to debate over two very important topics. First, the plan to close the gap in the budget deficit of $3.2 to $4 billion, which would reduce the gap by about $2.8 million. Second, the Domestic Relations Law, which would have allowed all couples, including same-sex couples, to marry and be legally recognized as a married couple in the state of New York. But only if the bill passed.

The Senate convened at 10 a.m. Wednesday and by 3:30 p.m. it had adjourned for the day. When they had finished, it was announced that they had failed the second bill by a 24 to 38 vote.

The N.Y.S. Senate has a 32 to 30 democratic majority. This may sound like a good thing, but unfortunately, as can be seen, not all of the 32 democrats were in favor of the bill. A vote of 24 in the affirmative is not something to be happy about. The bill passed in the state assembly, but wasn’t strong enough to withstand the disapproval by the senate.

Thomas Duane, senate sponsor of the bill, is the Legislature’s first openly gay member and he vowed not to give up.

“I’m like a dog with a bone,” Duane said in his closing remarks on the floor. “I wouldn’t let go of anyone … because I don’t give up. I don’t know how to!”

Duane gave a very riveting speech about his life and the obstacles he’s had to overcome through his years. He is very passionate about the topic, along with many other people.

I am an openly gay man. I have been for only about three years now, but I have grown and matured very quickly, and have seen many things that don’t make me happy. I support same-sex marriage. I believe that everyone should have the right to commit themselves to the one they love; not only in an emotional way, but also in a legal way.

There are over 1,800 rights given to married couples that unmarried couples are not entitled to. Most think of things such as inheritance or health benefits, but there are smaller, less thought of things, like the right to visitation when a loved one is in the hospital, making plans for funerals and more high-spirited rights such as adopting children, gaining custody of partner’s children and many other personal rights that people automatically think they are entitled to if they are in a committed relationship with someone.

Without the ability to marry, same-sex couples lose these rights, some of which mean more to them than heterosexual couples. I use the word heterosexual because that is how the majority of society sees it. There are, in fact, bisexual couples that marry, but that is fine because it is still a man and a woman who are marrying.

The attitude toward homosexual, or gay, people is very negative, more so to gay men than gay women. I have heard the derogatory words faggot, queer, homo, flamer and many others thrown around carelessly without any recognition of what is actually being said.

Honestly, what is the point of this? Why do people feel the need to say things like this, especially when they are only joking? The answer will never be explained without constant argument. Words such as those mentioned above come from lack of understanding, along with the fact that so many people are uncomfortable with homosexuality.

Now back to the point at hand: the bill that failed. Some controversy may arise because of the statements made during the debate and voting sessions on Wednesday. Senator Eric Adams asked his fellow senate members to put aside their religious beliefs and to remember that at one point in history, slavery was legal.

“When I walk through these doors, my Bible stays out,” Adams said. One of his fellow senators, Ruben Diaz, rebutted with “that’s the wrong statement; you should carry your Bible all the time.”

If you’re not aware, the U.S. government has a separation of church and state. What Diaz and other senators feel is against the beliefs of our founding fathers and today’s government.

Just remember, most of us take the simple things for granted. However, there are some people out there who are not given the simple rights and advantages that the majority have because there is so much controversy regarding this topic that’s been around for a very long time. Think about how you feel, come up with an opinion and stick to it. But while you’re contemplating and conjuring up that opinion, please consider what individual rights others may lose if you decide to be against same-sex marriage.

Relaxation is amazing!

So it’s the day after Thanksgiving and, once again, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here.  Yesterday was great; I had a lot of fun with some friends and their family.  I spent a few days with my friend Sam, her boyfriend Jon, and Sam’s family near Poughkeepsie in the Taconic Mountains.  It was a very relaxing and revitalizing week.  I was in Syracuse for a few days before that and am in Syracuse again for this weekend.  It’s nice to get away sometimes and just push all work and school out of the way.  It got me energized for what’s to come.  If you can believe it, there are only 2 weeks of classes left!  This semester went so fast and I can’t believe it’s almost over.  This past semester was a test of my ability to balance three jobs, four classes, and to still have some type of social life.  I think I succeeded!  I’m ready for what is to come.  I have been thinking a lot about graduate school again and planning my classes for the next three semesters.  It’s going to be very interesting to see what falls into my lap.

I’ve started to relax about a lot of stuff.  I’m usually very tense and worrisome, but now I’m taking it one day at a time and it’s a much better choice.  Life is short, and I am going to enjoy every moment of it!  I suggest you all do the same.  I know my posts are usually very serious and deep, but this is also an outlet for me to let out some things while giving you some insight on the life of a student at SUNY Oswego.  I hope that you all read this and can relate in some way.  I’m just a regular student, nothing special here.  I’ll leave you with this…”live your life, today, like there’s no tomorrow, but dream as if you’ll live forever.”  I think that’s a combination of two quotations I know from authors I’m not sure of what they are named.

Happy Holidays!

Packed Schedule and Lots of Work

SO! It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Honestly, way too long.  Things have been very hectic lately, but that’s how I like it.  I’ve been going to committee meetings for SA, working at Admissions preparing for Open Houses, which our last fall open house was today.  It was great, over 300 prospective students and their families attended.  It went very well and I’ve very proud of everyone.

I’ve been focusing on classes more lately.  The coursework is starting to get very interesting now that the semester is really into full gear.  Midterms are just about over, luckily I didn’t have any, and everyone is starting to destress from all of the studying and library time.  My days consist of work, class, and studying, but hey! I’m in college, right?

I’m so excited because my parents bought me two tickets to see Billy Joel and Elton John in their Face 2 Face concert on December 4th at HSBC Arena in Buffalo.  I CAN’T WAIT!!  I have been a fan of both Joel and John, HAHA I wanted to say it that way just for the alliteration, since I can remember.  I grew up listening to their music and it’s been some of my favorites forever.  It’s going to be a great time; my friend Jay and I are going to the concert and then spending the weekend in Buffalo to go see Niagara Falls and such.  I have never been to the Falls so I’m very excited for that.

SA has been great lately.  There are so many things that I’ve been working on, like I’ve mentioned in my previous posts.  You should all check out the new website, too @  It’s really cool!

I’m in the process of looking for a new apartment.  I have a few pets, so it can be a bit difficult to find a landlord that will allow them, but I know I’ll figure it out.  If you don’t know, I have 2 sugar gliders.  They are similar to flying squirrels and are in the marsupial family.  Here is a picture of what they look like (this isn’t my sugar glider, but maybe I’ll post some pics soon!) Sugar Glider! I also have a parakeet.  The sugar gliders names are Zachary and Mackenzie (Zack and Mack) and my parakeet is Cerulean, like the color.

I think that’s about it for now.  I’m sure I’ll think of some things later on, now that I have more time to think.  Have a great week, weekend, month, etc.  Just think, the holidays are right around the corner!!

It’s been a while…

So, I just realized how long it has been since my last post.  TOO LONG!  I’ve been uber busy with classes, work, SA, and just life in general.  I am the type of person who prefers to be busy rather than have a lot of down time.  My days usually start at about 8am, after getting ready and such, and go until at least 9 every night.  I can’t remember the last time I actually cooked a meal at home, but I have grow accustom to the Pesto Burgers from Crossroads in the campus center.  It makes me feel like I’m eating healthy, even though I consider it fast food.  I don’t know what I’ll do when I have a real job and am working 9-5.  Oh wait, I’m going to have my law degree and be working in Higher Ed…I’ll probably have the same amount of work.

So that’s something new…I have recently decided that I’m going to get my JD and MA in Higher Educational Policy.  I’ve started looking at graduate programs and I really think this is the direction I want to go in.  I’ve been interested in Higher Ed for the past few years.  Working in the Admissions Office, Judicial Affairs, and now Student Association has given me so much experience and I know I can go further with what I have learned.  Recently I found out there is a clause in the student handbook and academic policy that allows students to create their own program of study.  I’m going to be one of the students to do this.  It’s going to be some work, but I’m pretty sure I can be successful.  It’s going to be an adventure, and you can be sure I’ll keep everyone posted.

So let’s see what I can talk about.  I had a very busy week.  The Admissions office Open House was on Monday.  We had over 380 students and their families register for the event and I’m sure over 1000 people came to see Oswego.  It was a very eventful day.  We had presentations, open classes, over 30 tours, and an expo of tables and booths staffed by representatives of many departments and offices on campus, including student organizations.  It was a hit! Next up is our Saturday Open House, this Saturday, October 24.  You still have time to register if you want to visit Oswego.  You can go to and cho0se Open Houses for more information.

I will definitely be posting more, I promise. (Tim Nekritz, I hope you see this!)  Have a great Sunday everyone!

Thinking about things…

It’s 2am and I’m sitting in my living room wide awake.  I went to my friend’s birthday party and had a great time.  I got to see some friends and just have fun.  There was one thing…I was expected to drink.  I turned 21 in July and now everyone who is also 21, and some others assume that I’m going to join in.  I don’t see why I need to.  I had 4 Mountain Dews at the party and that kept me going..haha.  I didn’t feel like drinking and usually don’t.  I don’t understand how people can have fun by going to bars and just standing around.  I need and want to keep moving and be active when I’m hanging out with my friends.  Earlier today a few of us were riding 4-wheelers around the yard and it was the most fun I’ve had in a while.  My friend, Matt, has a barn and we cleaned it up so that the party could be in there.  I enjoyed this…I got to spend time with him and just talk about whatever is going on.  He, his girlfriend, their friend, and I all went out to dinner to celebrate his birthday earlier this evening and again, I had fun.  Then we got back and everyone started to arrive.  This is when I got instantly bored and wanted to go home.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being around lots of people and dancing and talking, but I didn’t see the point in having the keg and all of that stuff.  it was completely legal and we were all of age, but it just wasn’t and usually isn’t my thing.

This probably isn’t the best segway but that brings me to my point.  College is supposed to be about learning new things.  This doesn’t just mean academic but social and life lessons as well.  I want to try new things like hiking and snowmobiling.  It would be great to go out once in a while and just climb all day.  Maybe it’s a metaphor but I want to reach the top.  Ok is that an analogy? I’m not sure… Anywho…I need to find different things to keep myself busy.  I want to grow and I want to be able to add more experiences to my list.  College is almost over and I want to do as much as I can.  Time goes so fast and the past three years have just disappeared.  It’s so scary!!! Well I think that’s all I have for tonight.  It’s now almost 3am, I actually started this entry at 2:30, not 2am, but still, it’s late.  Until next time…

A new year means many new adventures

This is going to be so exciting! My name is Steven DiMarzo, and as my biographical information says, I am a Human Development major with minors in Conflict Studies Management and Business Administration. I am originally from Oakdale, NY, which is a small town on Long Island, but I live in Oswego all year round and I love every moment of it. I am technically a 2nd semester junior, but in my 4th year. I plan on completely 2 more years (this one included). I am very interested in Higher Education and plan on getting my masters in that field and hopefully getting a job on a college campus working in student affairs.

Enough about who I am…this year is going to be amazing.  My new position in SA will allow me to be more involved and meet so many new people.  In the past the Student Association has had a bad reputation and most students tend to shy away but this year I want everyone to know they can come to any member and how willing we are to help them.  Everyone has the right to speak their opinion and use their voice on this campus.  SA is one of the biggest organizations and we can get you heard.  One thing that most people don’t know is that a majority of student organizations on campus are funded by SA.  We use over 1.7 million dollars to fund all of these clubs and orgs.  It’s your money, you pay the student activity fee and it is used to go back to you.  Don’t be afraid, come talk to us, talk to me…I am here to help.

Enough of the plug.  I have a test today, my first one of the semester, in fact it’s in 10 minutes.  Human Sexuality, PSY 377. It’s an awesome class.  I guess I should get going and head to Lanigan.  Peace out cub scouts!