Women’s History Month

Since March is Women’s History Month, I decided to make it my mission to do something in support of my gender. I’ve also been wanting to get more involved in clubs on campus. The Oswego weekly emails announced the that the Women’s Center will be holding a program titled Oh, So You Grown Now.  The flyer art was pretty cool and the starting time was pretty convenient for my schedule.

Everyone at the meeting was pretty familiar with each other, but the co-directors of the Women’s Center made me feel welcomed. It actually felt like they were excited to meet me, which is always a nice feeling. The topic of discussion were the coming of age traditions for women across different cultures.There were both males and females in attendance and it was fascinating to hear people from different backgrounds and ethnicities share what was considered a coming of age tradition that deemed you an official man or woman. The program included games in which the audience had to guess which tradition belonged to which nationality. The activities were funny because it brought out the competitive side out of everyone  yet were insightful.

Overall, I had an awesome time. The co-directors were actually really helpful when I asked if I could cover this event for a journalism report I had for another class. They even invited me to audition for a spoken-word event they’ll be hosting in the near future.

Sometimes it is hard to break out of your regular routine and attend events where you might not know anyone but sometimes it can be a rewarding experience. I’m glad I deviated from the norm and attended. I’m looking forward to attending more of the Women’s Center and other clubs/organizations’ programs.

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