Lakeside, Johnson Hall

Johnson Hall, as many refer to as the “freshmen” building. Located on the east side of campus, with easier entry to the lake—Truly captures the welcoming “vibe” of SUNY Oswego. Furthermore, as a previous student resident of this hall, I’ve encounter meaningful and unforgettable experiences. When I arrived at Oswego, after the five-hour drive from New York City, not knowing what the other halls looked inside other than Cayuga; I was happy for the upgrade. Johnson was one of the newly renovated buildings and still is in great condition. In my opinion, Johnson Hall is the best dorm hall to live in.

However, many may state otherwise. Individual students often complain about living in Johnson due to the requirement of ten-hour community service (per semester) commitment and a two-credit course (one credit per semester). Moreover, the two credit-course is not hard, most of the time we had activities to get to know the other freshmen in the hall. Many of the coursework was informational; learning about Oswego, clubs, programs, events, and helpful skills for school.

Lastly, one of the many benefits of living in Johnson is having a dining hall right inside the building. Which is extremely great during winter snow! The required work, like the community service, helps build your resume. And, the two credits are useful because you need to have a certain amount of electives. It is an easy course which helps with maintaining a good GPA. Tune in for next time to learn more about the different types of community service I have done and more.

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