Healthy Snacking

As college kids, snacking is something many of us do often, sometimes excessively, and rarely healthy. When our schedules change constantly and workload builds up, we can tend to neglect our health and opt out for convenience and low cost. Snacking can be a great way to hold you over until your next meal and if you’re eating healthy snacks, they can contribute essential nutrients to your diet. Here are some suggestions on what to reach for the next time you feel yourself needing a snack.

Hummus– Hummus is a great dip because you can pair it with vegetables, whole grain chips, or use it as a spread on a sandwich. Hummus is a great source of healthy fats.

Fruits and vegetables- Preparing fruits and vegetables ahead of time will mean you have a healthy snack ready to go at all times. Both fruits and vegetables will provide good sources of fiber, as well as many vitamins and minerals to fuel your body.

Nuts– Like hummus, nuts also provide your diet with lots of healthy fat. Snacking on almonds, peanuts, cashews raw or in butters mix well with virtually any whole grain. They are filling and also a good source of protein.

Plain Greek Yogurt- Yogurt is packed with protein and calcium. To reduce the amount of added sugar that can come inside many yogurts, purchase plain yogurt and customize it by adding toppings like berries, granola, or honey.

Air popped popcorn- Popcorn is the perfect snack for when you just want to eat something, but you may not even be that hungry. Popcorn is a whole grain and because it is air popped, there is only about 30 calories per cup. If you’re looking to add some flavor, sprinkle some salt and pepper on top, or if you’re craving something sweeter try a drizzle of dark chocolate and peanut butter.


Don’t forget you can take one snack to go from the dining center! Fill your cup with yogurt, fruit and granola, or grab some hummus from the deli and veggies from the salad station!




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