The best of Dublin and Galway

And on the 8th day god said ” what a boring bunch these humans are. Let there be fun & laughter in the world!” so he created the Irish. That’s exactly what my trip to Ireland consisted of fun, laughter and Guinness. Here are some things to expect on your journey to Dublin. Guinness in Dublin was so different (better) than Guinness in the us,  it was smooth and had a unique taste that you could only get in Ireland (or so the Irish claim.) Be prepared for the music! Got to love… or try to love the Irish music because it is definitely part of the experience. If you say you’re from NY especially down state, you’ll get asked something along the lines of “ have you ever been to O’Malley’s pub in queens?? My friend Brian O’Malley owns it” assuming you know all the Irish people in the tri-state area.


We stayed at Pillar B&B, it was… okay. For the price I can’t complain because we knew what we would be getting when we booked last-minute so lots was sold out. I recommend booking a hostel as soon as you book your flight to Dublin, we waited too long and got the last pickings.

The Sites

Used tourist info to buy a bus tour to the Cliff of Moher and Galway, around 45$ but completely worth it! The people were so helpful at the info next to the Arlington Hotel.

Arlington Hotel – We went to the Celtic Nights show, originally 30$ for dinner and the show, but because they had space they let us in just for the show for 10$. The show was amazing, I totally recommend it. They had a traditional Irish band ( fiddle, singer, violin, guitar) and Irish step dancers! The band had the audience singing and dancing along with them all night!

The colored doors – this isn’t really a site just something to see. The Irish people were ordered by England to paint their doors black but instead they colored them every other color in revolt! Another story is that because the houses look very similar they colored the doors so that when they walked home from the pub after they have had too many they can go to the right house.

Guinness storehouse – Very cool if you’re into beer or not. There are 7 floors each with a different experience! Have to try the tasting experience (they give you three different types of beer) and the aroma room! Make sure you have enough time to spend there, I didn’t and ended up rushing the whole thing.

***Be aware 1. Line… SUPER long, try to go as early as possible or buy tickets in advance. 2. With your entrance ticket (17 euros or so) you get a free drink, but this is ONE free drink! So there are three places you can use your drink ticket, the tasting room, the top floor (great view) or to learn how to pour your own Guinness. I do not suggest using this ticket for learning how to pour your own beer, if you mess it up and make it all foamy there is no going back.

Cliffs of Mohr- absolutely breathtaking, we spent about 3 hours there walking along the cliffs! Very windy so dress accordingly but definitely a worthwhile experience.

Doolin Beach- This was a stop on our way to Galway, the beach was made up of all rocks but the blue water along with the green hills made the drive very scenic. Plus we got to see some of the original cottages with no doors only windows (tax reasons!) Most made out of rocks so it was like a glimpse into the past.

To eat/Drink

Lotts Café/ Bar- Very nice restaurant with great service! We got the Coddle, which is a dish that you can only get in Dublin. It was boiled sausage in broth served with homemade Guinness bread. Worth a try!

Temple Bar- Very cool old bar but biggggg tourist attraction!! Beer gets more expensive as the night goes on, so I suggest going to temple bar early (before it gets too packed) and then going to other pubs on that street. Most pubs have live music which was so much fun!

The Trinity Bar – Best pub I have ever been to! They had lots of space and a new musician who sang everything under the sun! He sang mix’s of songs that all led into each other which had us all on our toes! He sang pop from Britney Spears to Nicki Minaj and Drake, he sang Irish songs and the best through backs . But the best was the collaboration of Disney music!!! He has the crowd cheering and singing all night.


Amazing little city! 60% of the population is below 30 years old so the city is buzzing with excitement. I took a walking tour and saw all the historical sites plus got some great tips on where and what to eat! Lunch was at McDonough’s, which is the best place to get fresh fish and chips! Lots of local musicians singing on the streets and small boutique shops! I wish I got to spend more than one day there, but I’m happy I got to experience it.

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Hi I’m Shannon! I’m currently a junior at SUNY Oswego studying Public Relations and Spanish! I will be embarking on a journey of a life time to Madrid, Spain and will be blogging my experiences. I hope this blog will be used as a resource for future students, as well as a creative outlet for my thoughts. I’m a 20 year old adventurous, food and fashion loving college student, trying to live in style while on a budget.
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