Don’t Stress It

College is a once in a lifetime experience, and, of course, anyone would want to make the most of it. But a part of this experience, unfortunately, is stress.

I’m juggling a course over load (over load of homework too!), PRSSA meetings, a job and a social life, so I am no stranger to stress. I’ve had a pretty hectic week. This tends to happen occasionally, but I’m at the point in my collegiate career where I now know that not everything is going to be the end of the world and life will go on as it always does.

So, whether you’re a freshmen still discovering how this whole college thing works or a senior getting ready to graduate, I want to share with you guys some tips to manage stress!

Stay Organized! This is key! Professors give you a syllabus for a reason. Most tend to have a schedule of due dates for assignments and exams. Know what is coming up so you’re never caught off guard. I also recommend having a planner to stay on track.

Prioritize. Now that you know that your syllabus is your best friend, all you have to do it prioritize based on when assignments are due and roughly how long it will take you to finish the assignment, project, etc.

Use Free Time Wisely. I am more than guilty of scrolling through Twitter instead of reading a textbook chapter in between classes. Don’t be like me! Try to utilize free time wisely. This will benefit you in the long run and reduce the likelihood of you being stressed out. Future you will thank you.

Find Studying/ Work Habits That Are Best For YouWhat I mean by this is to immerse yourself in a setting that will allow for you to focus and perform to the best of your ability. For me, I need a quiet room that’s devoid of all distractions. I’m so easily distracted that it’s impossible for me to work with other people around me. It took me until my junior year to realize that I was actually hurting myself by studying with my friends because I would spend more time talking to them than actually studying! But if studying/ doing homework with your friends helps you and gets you motivated, go for it.

There’s Always Someone To Listen and Help. If you ever feel as though you are overwhelmed, talking through your issues is a great way to feel better. Fortunately, SUNY Oswego offers counseling services at the Mary Walker Health Center on campus. It’s free and confidential.

Decompress. This is the most important. Sometimes stress can be a little overbearing and I don’t know where to start first. When this happens take a deep breath, relax and do something other than work. Simply do things that make you happy. Trust me, this will go along way. If you’ve been cramming for an exam, take a nap. Your brain works a whole lot better when you’re not running on fumes. Hang out with friends. You’ll find they’re probably dealing with the same things you are and it’ll feel better talking about it.  Watch Netflix…Yes I’m saying it’s okay to ditch the homework for some House of Cards.

Hope these tips can help you guys in the future! Always remember that your mental well-being is more important than any grade on a test!

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