Starting off my Internship

To finish off my college education I decided to earn my last five credits through an internship. I felt that this would be more beneficial to me and my career than simply enrolling in two online courses over the summer for the credits. I am a broadcasting major so I wanted an internship in the field of production and Oswego provided me with several great internship oppotunities to gain hands on experience in that field.

The company I chose to work for is called Showbizz Productions, a New York based television production company that was founded in 1999. Showbizz Productions provides all crew and equipment needs on set for its clients, focusing mostly on day of shoot needs with little involvement in the pre-production and post-production process.

For my first day, Bizz, owner of Showbizz Productions, allowed me to join him on location for his shoot that day. One of the main and most important things about beginning the day is loading all the equipment in a smart and safe manner, you have to arrange it all so it will fit, but you also have to know where to place things so equipment doesn’t get damaged.

Next is setting up all the equipment in correct places to achieve the desired look. One thing that I re-learned was three point lighting. This was a lighting design technique that I had learned in BRC 235 as a sophmore, and being able to see its implementation on a real set helped me better understand its application and the purpose behind setting up the lighting in this manner. Lighting is a very crucial step in creating a clean, clear, and professional looking shot. While it was only my first day on a professional production, I felt well prepared for being on set from my time spent in the classroom at Oswego learning both production techniques as well as their real world application.

In the future I am hoping to further expand my knowledge of lighting and learn new lighting concepts and techniques. The next step is to learn more about camera settings and composing a shot. This is a very complex process which I don’t expect to fully learn in just one day. Overall the first day was a great learning experience and I couldn’t of asked for a better learning environment.

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