Four Other Things To Do During Hockey Season


SUNY Oswego’s hockey culture is incredible. With a team that is one of the best in the nation and fans that are just as committed as they are fierce, SUNY Oswego is the home of hockey lovers. And, for White Out Weekend, this fact becomes even truer. With people flocking to the arena early in the days, the Marano Center will be filled with anticipation and excitement.  But, for those of us not necessarily interested in the long lines, or hockey for that matter, it may seem like our options are limited. However, because Oswego offers so many opportunities for any kind of individuals, alternatives do exist. Here’s a list of 4:

  1. SAPB Trivia Night – Fridays, 6:00 PM

Perhaps one of the most rewarding and entertaining, SAPB Trivia Nights are a ton of fun. With topics varying anywhere from television shows and movies to current events and “general trivia,” there are terrific opportunities for anyone to excel here. And with a Facebook page that takes weekly suggestions, they really try to include all.

  1. Shaun Cassidy Fan Club’s Weekly Improv Shows – Saturday, 8:00 PM

As I mentioned in a previous post, every Saturday Shaun Cassidy Fan Club throws wildly hilarious, free shows in the Marano Center Auditorium. Completely uncensored and free form, these improv shows play in line to television programming like “Whose Line Is It Anyway.” The crew running it all holds their own with different comedic styles and levels of engagement to a point where something funny can be found for any taste.

  1. Laker Nights – Varying Dates And Times

Wondering what different residence halls are doing each weekend? Well for a lot of these weekends, Laker Nights are taking place. Laker Nights are mini festivals thrown by different residence halls once a year to offer students a chance to have some fun. Themes range anywhere from Freak Shows to Masquerade Casino Nights, but no matter what, all of them are awesome! Check out the posters all around campus!

And if all else fails,

  1. Staying In – Anytime, Anywhere

Outside, the weather truly is frightful and while getting out there and doing something may seem like the most entertaining opportunity in the world, another one exists in your very on residency. For those of us living in dorms, this can take form in multiple ways. Utilizing the front desk’s expansive movie, board game, and multimedia lists is a terrific way to spend an evening in. Create your own old-fashioned get together with the above things, or, if all else fails, Netflix.

So, at the end of the day, really a ton of options exist. And hey, if all else fails, attend a hockey game or two. It is definitely worth the experience and the atmosphere is energizing!

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Hi everyone! My name is Riley Ackley and I am a junior public relations and political science double major. I'm involved in a couple organizations on campus including The Oswegonian newspaper(@TheOswegonian) and SUNY Oswego's very own improvisational comedy troop, Shaun Cassidy Fan Club (@SCFCImprov). I am also a Peer Educator for the Lifestyle's Center on campus and write for their blog ( and also assist in programs like Open Mic! I have passions for photography and love comedy and all things pop culture. I can listen to my favorite artists all day and enjoy being able to be create.
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