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Shaun Cassidy Fan Club: A Home For Comedy

DSC_0049-EditGrowing up one of my favorite things to do was make people laugh. I never realized until high school though that I could elaborate on this through talent shows and organizations. So throughout my high school career I absorbed every opportunity to expose myself to the comedic world. I would watch comedic shows and movies, stand-up specials, and attend stand up performances by real, working comedians at the local college.

Upon entering Oswego, I had never realized I would choose to continue, in any form, my comedy. In addition, it’s important to note that I, by no means, am here to say that I am the most expansive or interacting comedian here at this college (If you’re looking for that, you can find my friend Sarah Benson). Still though my love for this campus only grows through the visible opportunities that exist for comedians to flourish. Through things like Open Mic Night, Shaun Cassidy Fan Club, and various talent shows, the SUNY Oswego campus is welcoming to all sorts of characters.

Let’s talk Shaun Cassidy Fan Club. Similar to “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Shaun Cass performs weekly shows in the campus’s auditorium. With audiences ranging anywhere from 50 students to five (when Hockey is in season), we are given the opportunity to hone comedic skills. Completely free and uncensored, I feel as though I can speak for all of our members and say that the troop loves being a part of this organization. Every Sunday, we hold practices open to the most experienced and the newest of comedian hopefuls. It really is a family atmosphere.

Spending every weekend with these people and practicing for almost a year before entering the shows allowed me and others to build off of one another and develop our own specific style of comedy. We were able to all be our own comedians with our own ideas, characters, and personalities and coexist along others seeking the same thing. During the shows, through our variety of audiences we are able to see what works and what doesn’t while still maintaining both a sense of teamwork and autonomy. It has turned me into a better speaker, listener, and creator.


About the Author

Hi everyone! My name is Riley Ackley and I am a junior public relations and political science double major. I'm involved in a couple organizations on campus including The Oswegonian newspaper(@TheOswegonian) and SUNY Oswego's very own improvisational comedy troop, Shaun Cassidy Fan Club (@SCFCImprov). I am also a Peer Educator for the Lifestyle's Center on campus and write for their blog ( and also assist in programs like Open Mic! I have passions for photography and love comedy and all things pop culture. I can listen to my favorite artists all day and enjoy being able to be create.
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