Committing to SUNY Oswego

Committing to SUNY Oswego

I have noticed some of the admitted students wonder whether to commit to attending this university and the answer is: they definitely should! Well why? Well, SUNY Oswego has a wide variety of activities, clubs, sports, and dorms to try out! Especially the fun orientation over the summer! Oh how I wish I can be a freshman again next year… As a current second semester freshman, I definitely love it here and wish to live and study here quite lot more. When you think about graduating sooner and sooner, you are getting closer to living away from the best 4 years of your life, give or take a few more years if you’re going to graduate school.

The traveling, specifically from New York City to here can be a pain in the neck if you are using the bus(es) to travel here. Using both Greyhound and Centro is probably the best way by bus since Greyhound has outlets within the bus, from what I know of. It can take a total of 9 hours adding waiting time and the time to arrive to the bus from whichever borough you live in using the MTA. The actual bus rides would take 6 to 7 hours. However, you should realize you aren’t the only one! There are many city kids here in Oswego and they enjoy coming back every semester to this university. The friends you make is really hard to let go once you commit, especially when you go back home for vacations. You’d have to wait to come back to the university to live with them again in your respective dorm halls.

It’s also great to find out you have quite a number of things in common with others within the SUNY Accepted Students Class of 2018 page. The same hobbies, sports, etc…! Take note that your college friends have the most potential of being your lifelong friends!

When it comes to choosing a dorm hall, this all depends on how you feel like living. All dorms have something unique about them but here’s some basic information. East campus dorms are Scales, Waterbury, Riggs, and Johnson. Scales and Waterbury do not have a dining hall, thus, you would have to walk to the lakeside dining hall that is connected between Riggs and Johnson. Johnson is the freshman dorm hall that requires you to do some community service type of classes (I’m not completely sure what they are since I haven’t really chose to live there) in order to stay there.  The one dorm I have never been to Riggs. The middle campus dorms are Hart and Funnelle, Hart is the international dorm, the dorm that invites those who come from different nations and come here, and just like Johnson, you need to do some sort of community service classes in order to stay. Funnelle seems to be the dorm many students favor because of the wide rooms and the fact that it’s so close to all the academic buildings! You will most likely be eating at the Cooper dining hall connected between Hart and Funnelle when you come for orientation.  The West campus dorms are Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, and Oneida. Seneca is a huge 10 floor dorm hall while Cayuga is the 4 floor dorm hall with the amazing RA’s! But I’m probably only being bias. Both Cayuga and Seneca share Pathfinder Dining hall and there’s a tunnel connecting both dorms. Similarly Onondaga is like Seneca only for upper classmen and full of suites, and Oneida is like Cayuga only with lounges on every floor plus a computer lab to print stuff out. The Village is the farthest place to live on campus, unfortunately I don’t know much about living there.

Overall, the choice is yours and we are lucky to be given the chance to choose where we want to live and with which roommate specifically. Hope we all can be friends and enjoy making your commitment to SUNY Oswego worthwhile!

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