WTOP: The Beginning of Something New

Studio at WTOPThis semester, I am expanding my horizons by becoming a part of the TV world at WTOP.

I have no plans to be in front of the camera – at least anytime soon. Instead, I chose to be a part of the crew, operating a camera for the nightly news.

Joining WTOP is not something that I necessarily need for my career path – at least Public Relations. However, one of my biggest interests revolves around television. I am fascinated in what goes into television programming. From sporting events to ceremonies, to national news programs, to local programming, I love having a look behind the scenes of it all.

So, joining WTOP was something simply for fun. Just because it is for fun however, does not mean I cannot take away anything from the experience.

I look forward to learning what goes into a news program, how a TV team works together, what certain positions entail, and most importantly, how to perform at my best for my assigned position.

Working a camera may seem like nothing, but on the day of my training, I learned there was a whole lot more to it. Learning terms, controls, different cameras, and positions can be intimidating at first.

I tend to get nervous about a lot – pretty much everything, even the simple parts of life. I like to think that is what drives me at times. Jumping into WTOP, I was extremely nervous.

I was nervous about what I could control. I was nervous about what I could not control.

A friend of mine, who is a member of WTOP, got an earful of questions from me the week leading up to my debut behind the camera.

After training, a run through, and the first few weeks of live shows, I feel much more comfortable.

I am still far from perfect.

I have much to learn and I can only get better with practice. As a whole, I feel happy, comfortable, and confident, especially with the team of people around me at WTOP.

I am sure I will be getting a call from NBCUniversal any day now for a job behind the camera.

I am kidding, of course.

But down the road, who knows?

About the Author

Travis Barend is a first year student at SUNY Oswego majoring in Public Relations. In addition to his studies, Travis is a member of PRSSA and is a student blogger for SUNY Oswego's website. Travis enjoys writing about NASCAR racing in his spare time. He has spent the recent years writing for various websites, including Speedwaymedia.com, a website a part of NASCAR's citizen journalist media corps. He also contributes a weekly news column for NASCARTheGame.com, the official website of the NASCAR video game series. Travis also has his own blog, TracksideChatter.com, where he also posts racing content. You can follow Travis on Twitter @TracksideTravis, but be warned. He tweets about NASCAR. A lot.
Email: tbarend@oswego.edu
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