The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

The cold never bothered me anyway

                Hello all, I just felt like addressing the weather here in Oswego. It’s practically bipolar as most of us know, but to those new incoming freshmen who come to read up on our blogs, guess what, it can be pretty warm after a while here in Oswego! Honestly I think it all depends on where you live and how long you live in Oswego until you get to really judge what cold really is to you. This may be confusing, but let me break it down. We all start off by attending events in Oswego before our freshman first semester. Whether it’s Orientation or Acceptance Student’s Day, we notice the weather is quite warm and beautiful, reflecting an amazing image in your head that you will love it here. Trust me you will enjoy it more when you experience the first snowfall or whiteout here on campus. I know the first time there was a whiteout, I was surprised and quite frankly, I found it pretty cool as long as I was indoors of course.

Weather-wise, you’re better off not bringing an umbrella to SUNY Oswego. I STRONGLY suggest you don’t invest in one for your time here. Why? Well we have this lake, Lake Ontario, and it loves to send northbound Canadian wind southwards towards us, creating these wind tunnels that will either simply have rain/snow hit you sideways or break your umbrella/have you flying. Overall the weather is a pretty sight to look at sometimes, especially from the new Shineman Center. When living in west campus, I can only recall there being a wind tunnel in front of Onondaga and in between Seneca and Cayuga Halls. I’m not completely sure of any other wind tunnels to look out for. The real “danger” to look out for is when all the snow covering the ground by a foot or two start to turn to ice.  It’s difficult to walk through and I usually go through a shortcut to west campus located south from the quad near Hewitt union heading towards Tyler Hall. This is a shortcut most people, and more than likely, you, will be used to taking throughout those warm spring and autumn days. However in the winter, I’d rather go around it or challenge myself to go through the shortcut.

When it comes to the temperature, you do feel it being a little cold over time and it does get chillier. Considering your first semester however, the more time you spend here, the more accustomed you are to the gradual decrease in the average temperature throughout your first semester. You, or a handful of people, start getting a sort of superiority complex when you go back to visit in your vacations usually only if you are from NYC or some other southern city. For example, you go about eaves dropping on your friends complaining about how cold it is and you go and chuckle in their face saying the weather there is nothing compared to Oswego. Well… Oswego kind of bites you back again when you travel back to prepare for the beginning of your second semester. You realize just how cold it really is where every day feels like the temperature is in the single digits, sometimes at subzero.

If you think about it, these kinds of temperatures can be considered as “decent” to those living off campus within the city of Oswego. Why is it all of sudden like a reset? Where it’s like you never felt real cold before? This is because you got accustomed to the temperatures from back home so quickly. The reason why I bring this up is because I experienced this first hand and was shocked seeing people in shorts as I was travelling back to Oswego from a Greyhound bus transferring to a Centro bus. I was pretty much cocooned in my winter coat while I see a couple of people walking by in a lot less attire.

All I can suggest is make sure to be prepared guys. Bring boots for the snow, not for show. Grab a warm coat and enjoy your time here in SUNY Oswego. It’s a new experience for all of us.

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