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My name is Luke Parsnow and I am a junior at Oswego State. I am a double major in journalism and creative writing and a minor in history with a concentration in American history. I am from Sterling, New York which is only 12 miles from Oswego.

I have been a writer since I could learn how to write. Arguably, I was a writer even before then. My grandmother predicted that I would be a writer when I was three days old, the day I came home from the hospital and the first time she held me. And I have since, not disappointed her. I started writing seriously when I was in second grade. I actually wrote to my teachers and asked them if I could come in early before school started and use the computer to type up my stories since I didn’t have a computer at the time (I live on a dirt road in the woods.) And when my household finally DID get our first computer, the latest and greatest 1989 Windows 3.0 special…in 2003, I didn’t use it for the things all my friends were using it for. While they used it for gaming and things called chat rooms, I used Microsoft Word to write my stories. I wrote my first novel when I was ten and have since completed seven others. When I was 12, I began to learn to play the mandolin and guitar at 14 and soon took my writing to a new form: songwriting. I’ve recorded some of the songs I’ve written and some have been played on the radio out of Kingston, Ontario.

At SUNY Oswego, I wrote for The Oswegonian my first two years of school. This year, I became the Assistant News Editor and have written nearly 50 articles for the paper, along with editing other stories. Besides The Oswegonian, I’ve been published in the newspaper’s semeserly sports magazine, The Play Maker and The Legislative Gazette, a government and politics newspaper out of Albany. One of my creative stories was also published in SUNY Oswego’s student arts magazine, The Great Lake Review.

So now as a student blogger, I will continue to write in another new form. I will be bringing to you students that have made something of themselves at Oswego State and are sure to prosper later on in their life. Oswego is not just a state school on the edge of a lake that dumps a ton of snow on it. Oswego is a gem and a lot of great people are building their futures here. I will seek out them and tell their story because everyone has a story. And I will tell my story in between, along the way.

About the Author

Luke Parsnow is a senior, double majoring in Journalism and Creative Writing and minoring in History with a concentration in American. He is the News Editor and weekly writer for The Oswegonian, the student newspaper of SUNY Oswego, as well as a Student Blogger for the school's website. He has interned at The Legislative Gazette in Albany and The OSWEGO Alumni Magazine. He is currently interning for WRVO Public Media. Luke is also a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter and travels with two bands to play venues from central New York and Canada to western Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Tennessee.
Email: lparsnow@oswego.edu | Website: http://lukeparsnow.wix.com/lukeparsnow
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