There is No Place Quite Like Home

Last weekend was the final NASCAR race weekend of the season. As a huge race fan, I needed to soak as much NASCAR in as possible. The NASCAR offseason is less than 100 days, but it is long enough for me. So, I needed my fix before the dark, cold winter without my favorite sport.

Living on campus, the basic cable offered here does not include all the channels I need to watch racing. I can access the Sprint Cup race itself on the channels available through the cable package, but I wanted to watch the whole racing weekend. Practices, qualifying sessions, and pre-race shows were all part of my plan. I wanted a whole weekend dedicated to one of my favorite things: auto racing. In order for me to close out the NASCAR year, I wanted to watch as much racing as possible. Like the NASCAR nerd that I am, I did just that.

Fortunately, I live fairly close to home – less than an hour away. It was one of the reasons why Oswego was a great choice for me. It is far enough away, but close enough too.

I have also been fortunate in that I have gotten the opportunity to go home a few times before last weekend. I went home for my high school football homecoming game as well as other times to visit with family.

In addition, last weekend offered me the opportunity to celebrate my grandma’s birthday and my dad’s birthday at home. Our family has a lot of birthdays in November.

As much as I love Oswego – and I love it here – there really is no place quite like home. Since first moving here in late August, I appreciate the times with my family even more, despite the fact that Oswego has become my home as well. I know that this holiday season will mean a great deal more than in the past just from being away.

I feel like I already owe a lot to Oswego in my short time here, but one of the biggest things I have gained is a greater appreciation of where I come from.


About the Author

Travis Barend is a first year student at SUNY Oswego majoring in Public Relations. In addition to his studies, Travis is a member of PRSSA and is a student blogger for SUNY Oswego's website. Travis enjoys writing about NASCAR racing in his spare time. He has spent the recent years writing for various websites, including, a website a part of NASCAR's citizen journalist media corps. He also contributes a weekly news column for, the official website of the NASCAR video game series. Travis also has his own blog,, where he also posts racing content. You can follow Travis on Twitter @TracksideTravis, but be warned. He tweets about NASCAR. A lot.
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