The Computer Science Interest (CSI)

Computer Science, favored by many people, a subject that requires much attention in today’s world. Students in SUNY Oswego have all met someone who favors one of many branches of Computer Science. Whether it’s Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, Game Design, etc… The young adults going for such mind enduring courses have different reasons and backgrounds as to why they’d like to consider a deep push leading to these careers. Interviewing two individual students on campus, they each have their own distinct goals in mind:

Why do you find Computer Science interesting?

How did Computer Science stand out the most for you?

What career do you plan on pursuing/what are your objectives?

    “I find CS interesting because I am intrigued by the operations that happen in the background that enable electronic devices, software and video games to work.

    I am extremely interested in game development. Of all the things that go into making games like: artwork, music and sfx. Programming stood out the most to me because without it, a video game could never exist and it is through programming that the artwork can also exist in the game.

    Career? Well I am thinking that I will work for a company that develops games like dice or Ubicomsoft. But, I also want to gather a small group of people that I would lead to develop games for smaller platforms and hopefully later migrate to bigger ones as the group grows into a bigger studio/company.”

– Jeff Registre


    “Because Computer Science is more than just a programming language, it’s a way of thinking, a methodology with almost limitless implementations. Computer Science is the pain that an artist will learn to love and use and manipulate to create beautiful masterpieces like Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, etc…

    Computer Science has been a subtle layer in my computer with its alpha set to zero that slaps me in the face and bleeds out every time I mess something up, get the infamous BSOD, or don’t understand something. Computer Science for me was the story of big foot that ended up being true at the end since I had no prior knowledge to how computers even worked.

    I do not know which way I wish to go with my current knowledge of computer systems, whether it’s on File Systems, system formats, API’s, Reverse Engineering, Network programming,  System object code syntax(Otherwise known as x86 Intel syntax and x86 AT&T syntax), multiple Programming languages such as C++, C, LUA, HTML, And x86(Both Intel and at&t), but I do know this much, whatever I end up doing, I better be happy or else no amount of accomplishment will substitute the biggest failure of not accomplishing such a simple task as of being happy.”

– Brian Rodriguez

    It is self-evident that most computer science majors share some common goals, to be known for what can easily be frustrating and gruesome work. Personally I share a particularly common goal with Jeff Registre where I would love to work with the big gaming industries or be a part of a team of developers creating the next big thing! I can relate to Brian Rodriguez’s encounters with the Blue Screen of Death which can frustrate anybody who’s anybody. The hard work put into the software is what matters and is what handsomely rewards you in the end. The accomplishment is the pure goal for so many people interested in Computer Science.

-Javier Fernandez

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