Study Tips: A Guide to Getting That A!!!!

Studying for a quiz or test can be extremely stressful. In order to get a good grade, it is necessary that you have the proper work ethic, and that you know how to study properly without stressing yourself out. First of all, you need to know that different study techniques work for different people, and that it is not guaranteed that these tips will work for you. It is very possible that these methods may improve your particular study habits, however. This blog post is focused on providing you with various methods of studying that may help you to get good grades on future exams.  Below are study tips that may help you out:


  • Reviewing the material you have learned right after class may be beneficial. Since the material is fresh in your head from class, if you review it the same day, the chance that you will retain the information increases.
  • Do NOT put off studying. Try and review the material that will be on the exam throughout the week before the test itself. Cramming will only stress you out and may decrease the chance that you will actually retain the information that you are studying.
  • Utilize every study resource that you have. This includes text books, lecture notes, powerpoints, and any other handouts made available to you by your professor.
  • Comfy, quiet environments are essential to your ability to effectively study. They make it easier for your brain to capture the information that you are memorizing and to access it at the time of the exam.
  • Study the most important information first! Find the things that you think will definitely be on the exam and rigorously study them.
  • Don’t study right before bed; this will only result in you becoming tired. Instead, study in the afternoon, or whenever you have free time. Studying while you’re wide awake will help you retain the information that you are trying to remember.
  • Keep relaxing music playing while you study. If it is kept at a relatively low volume, this music will help you to focus and retain the information that you are studying.
  • Either test yourself or have a friend test you on the material that is going to be on the exam. Verbally practicing questions that could possibly be on the exam will help you to remember certain material.
  • Make sure you understand material that will be on the test. Simply memorizing things will not help you get a better grade.
  • Frequently take short breaks while you study. Long study sessions may stress you out and tire out your brain.
  • TAKE NOTES!!!! Writing down information will help you remember what you have learned.
  • Read through the material provided by your professor multiple times. Only reading through it once will not help you to remember what will be on the test.


I hope these tips helped you. If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment on this post and I will try to reply as quickly as possible.

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