Staying afloat

Well, if the semester didn’t start already, it definitely did last week. With Graduate work being a little more time consuming than Undergrad, I’ve been trying to stay on top of it the best I can; and what I mean by that is, doing papers months in advance so I have time to do the bigger projects. However, it’s made me more confident in my work and I’m able to take a little more time doing it than I would have normally. I’ve also started to ask other people to read my work because if it doesn’t make sense to them, my professor is going to rip it to shreds. A lot of other things going on, too. Rock the Vote kicks off tonight, (yet another) shameless self promotion here; come down and see Bruce Altschuler speak about Campaign Finance as well as answering any questions about the voting process! This project has been a really good experience and is getting recognized by a lot of the administration on campus which is cool to be a part of and have my name attached to it. I definitely recommend becoming a Graduate Assistant when/if the day comes for you to get your Master’s Degree. Hope everyone’s semester is going well.


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