Now I have previously mentioned my recent trip to Cuba, but I wanted to create something to show you guys instead of just telling you. Although I went there with a Travel Photography class (shoutouts to Julieve Jubin), recorded some video shots as well. Here they are compiled together.

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Christopher McPherson is a senior double major in creative writing and journalism. His interests include photography and student involvement.
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4 thoughts on “VIVA CUBA

  1. Thanks. I got it from iMovie. And no they don’t, but they do in broadcasting here at Oswego. I went to an iMovie workshop at the Apple store and have just been playing around since.

  2. iMovie workshop huh? I’m going to have to check those out. We’re going to Cuba in August and I hope to create some similar video work. Are you familiar with final cut pro at all?

  3. I actually just started learning Fincal Cut yesterday and it is rather similar to iMovie. Basically the same besides a few bells and whistles.

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