Student-Teaching Update

The semester is really driving me crazy, and it’s definitely left me with very little time to myself. The student-teaching experience itself is quite interesting; some of my students drive me insane because they’re so crazy, and others are fantastic, doing their work and staying quiet when they should be quiet. My classes are definitely a “mixed bag” if that’s an acceptable term to use. Currently, I am going over what makes a person a monster with them, so they’re examining good and evil, morals and a lack thereof, etc., and right now, they’re reading “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and after this upcoming mid-winter break, they’re reading “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” by Robert Louis Stevenson, and I’m excited about that because I think that the point will come across a lot quicker to them, or at least I hope that it will. I have a lot of planning to do over this break, but I’m actually kind of excited, and I’ll try to write again soon; thanks for reading.

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Hey, I'm Christopher. I am currently a graduate student in the SUNY Oswego English program, and I am also a Desk Attendant in Sheldon Hall (where I am also living). I graduated with two degrees in May 2012 - English and Adolescence Education with a Concentration in English. I substitute-taught in Rome City School District fall 2012 and then came back to school in January 2013 in order to obtain a masters degree in English, which I plan to obtain in May 2014. I love to read, and I love TV shows, especially science-fiction and fantasy.
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