Graduate School – Sure, why not?

The last few weeks have been quite the adventure.  The amount of change in my life has sent me on a roller coaster.  Beginning graduate school, starting a new job, and moving into a new place have all created a new beginning for me.

Toward the end of last year I struggled with the decision of where to attend graduate school.  I had been accepted to Northeastern University and Suffolk University in Boston, MA.  I had also been invited to interview at Syracuse University here in New York.  Each of these universities had some kind of student affairs counseling program that I was interested in.  I was also accepted into SUNY Oswego’s mental health counseling program; something that I never really considered for myself.

Through the application process I changed my mind many times.  The decision was not easy at all. I had spent 5 years at Oswego and thought I was ready to move somewhere new and begin a new life.  I went back and forth between Boston and Oswego over and over again (break into Nelly song here).   I spent many sleepless nights researching Boston and looking for potential places to live.  At one point I was fully committed to Boston and started to prepare myself for the move.  Then, all of a sudden my mind changed and I accepted the offer from Oswego and here I am!

Now, at first someone may think that I am not happy with my decision, but it’s quite the contrary.  I am absolutely in love with this college.  SUNY Oswego is and always will be my home.  Yes, there may be days when I wonder what life would be like if I left, but I could never leave until I’m finished with grad school, and maybe even more after that.  I wanted to start a new life somewhere else, but now I can improve my life at a place that I’m comfortable and settled.

Graduate school is something that I always knew I would do. In fact, I wont be done with just my masters degree; I will be moving onto a PhD in the future.  Anyway, I am so excited to be in grad school and really love my classes.  I never thought I’d pursue a degree in mental health counseling, but I’m very glad I did.

About the Author

Steven DiMarzo is starting his graduate studies in mental health counseling at SUNY Oswego. He completed his bachelor's in human development in May, and served as president of Student Association during his senior year.
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