In To The Maelstrom

               The summer has come and gone and now it’s back to the work maelstrom. With three upper division chemistry classes the training wheels are officially off my classes. Though I have made it past the gate keeper of the chemistry major (organic chemistry) it will be this semester more than any other that will determine if my career in chemistry, my future as a molecular architect, and my skills in chemical investigations will be lofted to detective status or will be taking a long, slow decent into the river Styx. All the math, physics, chemistry, and research skills I have gained throughout my two years will be tested. However, I am optimistic that I can succeed if I can tighten my belt and head boldly into the maelstrom.

               My third year will push my analytical skills and physical understanding of the world to new bounds. It will test my leadership skills and will at times gauche at my time management. This is the time when I will earn all the “Oh’s” and “Ah’s” that I get when I tell people that I’m a chemistry major. These first few days have shown me just how intensive the phrases “junior chemistry major” and “Chem Club president” will be and just how ready I am.

About the Author

I am a junior chemistry major form Brooklyn, NY. I am a laboratory assistant, student researcher in the biochemistry lab, Chemistry Club President, and a McNair scholar.
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