Student Observations and my Inevitable Ranting

‘Is this guy kidding or what? Let’s get the show on the road, buddy!”

I ignore the voice next to me, but it’s followed by a loud thud on the desk, and an even louder sigh…. There’s no way the professor didn’t hear that obviously jovial exclamation. I take a look at my watch… we’ve only been in this 1 hour and 20 minute class for 35 minutes. Where is this kid going that he thinks our professor is going to end our 1hr20min class after 35 minutes of teaching?

Come on, you have to know what I’m talking about. What about those kids who start packing up their things with 15 minutes of class left? I can’t help but notice the professor is clearly flustered, knowing the wave of departure anticipation that has swept over the students is too strong to compete against.

Or how about that one person who looks like they’re running on 14 Red Bulls, downed an anticipatory Caramel Coolatta on the way to class, and chooses your very own 10:20am class to have an epic sugar crush and snuggle their jacket-pillow until there’s 10 minutes left of class?

These are just some of the things annoyances I’ve noticed in my last full year of college. I think maybe they’re more glaringly obvious since I’ve grown up quite a bit from my freshman days. Believe me, there are some days where I’m shaking my leg, tapping my foot, waiting for the professor to throw up that proverbial green light that signals the start of my weekend (psh today for sure)…. but I can happily say I’m not the antsy-pants sighing uncontrollably next to me.

2 thoughts on “Student Observations and my Inevitable Ranting

  1. I know how it feels in college, there are days when you feel like classes need to end earlier and other times when you feel cheated by the professor when he ends the lectures 30 minutes earlier!

  2. I hate those people that sit right in front of the professor, right in the front row, and then decide to loudly pack their bag up to leave. I don’t think it’s just an Oswego thing tough. Maybe if students paid for their education by the hour they would want to stay for every minute.

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