“Two Way Street”

Lately I have been inspired to let my heart speak freely, without caring what peoples thoughts are about how she feels.

“A two way street… A two way street is essential for a long lasting relationship. A opportunity for both people to meet in the middle during given situations. Relationships are much deeper than love for one another, its about compromise, trust, passion… A two way street. When both are engage in a journey alone there is no reason for a two way street. Why not a one way? because two people cannot travel down a one way street unless they are going in the same direction, with the same intentions, on the same frequency. A two way street is a symbol of two different people traveling on this journey in hopes to meet each other alone the way. Love is much more complicated than liking one another, it does require work. A relationship that does not require work does not involve LOVE. Love is not about cheating on one another, hurting one another, its about communicating our likes and dislikes. Its about sharing the good and bad moments. But most of all its about the journey on this magical two way street that allows us to meet at a point where all is stable and fair. I cant wait until we meet half way on this two way street.” ~WSanchez 04/10/11

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