Long Time Coming

         Its been a while since I last posted so I’ll make a long story short. Spring brake came and went really fast but I got the brake I needed to get back into the flow of things even if it wasn’t right off the bat. Some more of my classes started after brake so I have a little more work but everything’s going well.

          I even participated in a science day for local area high schools representing Chemistry Club. I recruited the presenters, carried out the demonstrations, and made the chemistry questions for the jeopardy game the high schoolers played.

          I also applied for an internship at W.R. Grace a chemical company that accepts a chemistry and a business major from Oswego for the summer. It is just one of the many opportunities available in the chemistry department. There was also a paid internship in Brazil for about 15 students, and a environmental research internship.  Not to mention the other non-chemistry related internships around campus  .

About the Author

I am a junior chemistry major form Brooklyn, NY. I am a laboratory assistant, student researcher in the biochemistry lab, Chemistry Club President, and a McNair scholar.
Email: stange@oswego.edu
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