I took some time off, Now im back better than before

I know I have been missing in action from the blog world, but I am back and I am wiser than I was before. They say every obstacle makes you stronger, teaches you a lesson and is for your own good. I have been through a lot of ups and many downs but despite the negativity I do believe there was a good reason for it. Once in a while you are put through a test from the universe (God) that measures your character, strength, determination and passion that lies within your heart. As I mention in one of my previous blogs, everyone is put in your life for a reason. Even that person you don’t know or have never said a word to, there was a reason you recognized their presence when you did. It’s hard to stay positive and focused when all you are surrounded with is people who want to see you fail, who want to break you down. But, the most important thing is to try to remove yourself from those situations whenever you feel the need too. The most powerful thing is your mind. The reason I say this is because your mind is the creator of everything in life and if you are always thinking about your struggles, your hardships, and negativity than that is all you are going to be faced with until you change it. The only way you can change this is by changing your thoughts about whatever it is that is happening, and that’s without focusing on the negative. Now that’s a hard thing to do because we tend to do this the wrong way. When we don’t want something to happen we focus on the negative things that we don’t want. For example if are saying “I DON’T want to be UNHAPPY” in all reality you are saying “I want to be UNHAPPY” because UNHAPPINESS is what you are focusing on. Instead your thoughts need to be, “I WANT TO LIVE HAPPY”, “I WILL LIVE A LIFE FULL OF HAPPINESS.” Once again this is a difficult thing to change for most people but it is all about practice, “PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT

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  1. It takes courage to have a voice and put it out there for all to see. You should be proud. Remember that life is a journey and the only true way to live it is to embrace each and every experience. Happy you made a come back, looking forward to hearing about the encounters to come. Have a safe and blessed life journey!

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