Senior Weekend

Senior weekend is always a tough weekend. The mix of emotions as everyone’s parents are flying in, trying to get school work done and stay focused for the games. You try and not think about the fact that this is possibly the seniors last home games. Four years of their lives accumulate to this very moment, when they are standing on the ice after the games and their parents step on the ice so they can be recognized. I guess a lot of the time we don’t realize how big a part our parents play in these four years. This moment helps bring it in to perspective.

As I stood there and watched the seniors line up it also put things into perspective for me. These girls I have spent three years of my life with and now they are all going to be graduating and moving on. It’s a hard thing to accept at the time. You are feeling so many emotions, happy, sad, and maybe confused. But these moments teach us some valuable lessons such as enjoying the time you have with the people you love and care about. Before you know it, in a blink of an eye, it could be over. Take the time to get to know the people you spend every day with before you lose that opportunity. Appreciate the sacrifices that those people have made over the years to be able to stay continually committed.

Joining a team is easy but sticking it out and staying part of the team is hard.

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