Gallim Dance Troupe

Last week on SUNY Oswego’s campus, the Gallim Dance Troupe (from New York City) made an appearance at the Waterman Theatre, something that has been highly anticipated for months. I remember being in my English Methods class last semester with Sharon Kane, and she strongly suggested that we go to the event.

The event was a little bit lengthy, especially for someone who doesn’t like to sit for very long periods of time, but at least there was an intermission. The first half of the performance was pretty chaotic, and the mix of music, from various nationalities/cultures, didn’t really go well with the dancers’ moves. The lighting was nothing that was expected, with only the dancers illuminated by spotlights with the remainder of the stage fairly dark.

Something that was impressive is that the dancers’ outfits changed, even before the Intermission. However, emotion was not really transmitted, and even though the “evolution of the human” theme was evident, the chaos made it a bit difficult to follow. Hardcore criticism and/or disrespect toward the troupe is not intended, as it is incredibly talented, but it could just be that their “thing” is not everyone’s “cup of tea,” as it is said.

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