Organization… What a Concept

This semester, I’m trying out something new. I’m toting my laptop to almost all of my classes. Some students (and teachers) frown upon their use in the classroom, but I’m all for it. I take my notes on my laptop and to be honest with you, I find it to be a lot more organized and clear.

Here’s an example of what my notes look like during a typical class, like BRC 320 (Programming, Programs and Effects):

I have Microsoft Word 2008 on my MacBook, which allows me to take notes on my Mac as if I were writing in a notebook. See that blue looseleaf paper in the bottom left hand corner of the screen cap? That’s the notebook layout, which changes a Word document into a…. you guessed it, notebook. You can add flags to points that are important, like I’ve done on mine to signify important points that will be on the test. You can also doodle, which comes in handy for classes with graphs like economics. You can even do a voice recording that coincides with your points! Overall, I’m loving this new transition I’m making towards using my laptop as an organization aid for my classes. But I must advise to double-check with your professors before bringing a laptop. Some may prohibit them from their classrooms to prevent you from….


Do you have any tips to stay organized and focused through the year? Post them here!

One thought on “Organization… What a Concept

  1. I personally use spreadsheets for everything! Or typically just a good old legal pad and pen. Simple still works.

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