My Last Semester

As I am about to begin my last semester in Oswego I am sitting down and reflecting on the long journey that I have embarked on. It has definitely been an interesting one, I have made countless friends, seen beautiful and wonderful things, exposed myself to new cultures, learned about myself, learned how to multi-task, stepped out of my comfort zone, explored new boundaries and became a responsible adult.

I can remember my very first time stepping foot onto the SUNY Oswego Campus. I came all the way from the Bronx with my bags heading to Oswego to move in. I never had the opportunity to visit the campus before I got here but somehow I knew deep down Oswego was the place for me. So I got on the greyhound and arrived in Syracuse New York. I walked inside the regional transportation center and asked when the next Centro bus would be going to the SUNY Oswego Campus. I soon found out that the last bus left close to six o’clock. I looked down at my watch and realized the time was past 7.

I was in complete shock and could not believe that the bus system shut down so early. I grew up in the Bronx, NY and was completely oblivious to the fact that things did not work the same way upstate. Stores, Buses, and pretty much everything that I was accustomed to being open all night closed down earlier than what I was prepared for. As I stared at my watch in amazement a million thoughts raced through my mind such as What Will I Do? Where Will I sleep? What Will I Eat? Will This Station Shut Down and Force Me to Sleep Outside? Will I Be Safe In this Area?

I then thought to myself I have one thing working to my advantage, At least it’s not raining outside. I went to take a seat before I heard a loud crack of thunder and the rain begin to pour. The only thing I could do was look at the sky and ask “Are you kidding me”? I could not believe the situation I was in. Luckily there was another student from SUNY Oswego in the bus station whom I overheard saying that the last bus to Oswego had already left. I approached him and asked if he attended the school, he was indeed a student and had friends coming to pick him up. He told me I can catch a ride with them and then the first thing that came to mind was that God Works In Mysterious Ways. Once his friends arrived we were off on the road to Oswego which seemed like an eternity to me just for the fact that I had never been to the campus and I didn’t know how far away it was.

After finally arriving on Campus I was in love with the environment. I lived In Cayuga Hall and absolutely loved the dorm life there. There were ping pong tables, pool tables, board games, movies, a Big screen Television, and various other things in the lounge. I could not believe my eyes. I said wow! People actually have fun while in College? I went to the dining Hall and could not believe all the food and drinks that were available. It just was a beautiful site.

During my college years I had Tons of Fun, learned so much information in and outside of the classroom, learned how to prepare myself for the real world, and just grew dramatically as a person.

I am now ready to take my last couple of classes and step foot into what people call the “Real World”. That is another journey that I can’t wait to begin.

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  1. Hey there…swear to god this could be my blog…I too went to Oswego without ever visitng the campus…just showed up the day before classes started with a friend and registered for classes the day classes began! I also knew it didn’t matter I knew it was a good match for me…far enought from Poughkeepsie NY where the rents couldn’t just pop in or stop over for the day. I have also missed the connector in Syracuse to Oswego…I can’t believe they haven’t added a later run…I was there in 1991-1993! Anyway the best time of my life – still have great friends from the school even though many of us are scattered all over this country. Enjoy the time you have left there-it passes like the snap of your fingers. Melissa from Class of 1993.

  2. Its great to see Alumni still checking the Oswego website to catch a glimpse of the campus and see the things that are currently happening on campus. I am glad we share this unique experience. Please stay tuned to future blogs and if there is anything about any changes within the campus community you or any other Alumni would like to know about just ask and I will try to accommodate you all. 🙂

  3. Hey Rodney,

    It was nice reading through your blog about your college experiences. Keep up the great work! You make me proud. 🙂 Miss ya!

    Simone Y,
    Just your old Cayuga RA (lol)

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