I Had Something to Say

Back in the beginning of the fall semester I had a goal. The goal was to get this article published in the Oswegonian. Although it was August and Lebron James and his “decision” had already been discussed to ad nauseum. I still wanted in, I had something to say. For me writing mostly comes out of the feeling of necessity. I’ll have the feeling that what I’m discussing needs to be heard. Not so much in an arrogant way but perhaps in a “why isn’t anyone saying this?” This was a classic example of that. Although since the day of his free agency announcement Lebron had become subject to much criticism. From Cleveland, causal and die-hard fans and former players alike, I never saw anyone take a different perspective on something I felt was a legitimate argument. With that in mind I decided that perspective would come from me. What better way to express it than through the schools newspaper? Armed with that conviction and a pretty ambitious goal to be published in the newspaper of a school I had yet to attend a class at I went wrote for broke. Submitted and hoped for the best. Nonetheless…

This was the Final Result

About the Author

Kwame Belle is a senior journalism major and arts management minor at SUNY Oswego. He is also a member of the Sigma Pi chapter of the National Communication Honor Society, Lambda Pi Eta.
Email: bellek109@gmail.com
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