Which One Would You Choose?

I’m not really big on this whole idea of love or anything like that. Some people are really into that. I see them all the time on Facebook and etc; it’s just amazing how much people dedicate to the idea of being in love. That and pretending to live a life they don’t . Those two things are really prevalent in today’s happenings.

I’m not really so much into money as the picture would indicate. I mean I am to a certain extent . I enjoy money a lot. It provides me with so many freedoms and allows me to engage in the things I really enjoy. That’s why I never understood why people say money isn’t the key to happiness.Well being broke isn’t either. So how bout I take that money and try my chances. Like Lil Wayne said ” you can’t be broke and happy/ so me / I’m Mad Rich”.

What makes me go though is winning. I love life. I’m real into in fact. Maybe more so than the everyday human being.  I have this overwhelming desire to just succeed. Sometimes my “dreams” keep me up at night. That’s why when I go to sleep I try and keep my thoughts short and sweet. I Briefly think about the next day and that’s it. Otherwise I might never get to sleep thinking about all of the different thing I want to do. That’s what I love though. Somehow I find it a little more practical to be obsessed with winning and enjoying all of these different things than to worry about falling in love. For the record how many people do you know that DON’T fall in love? Now ask yourself how many people that you can say don’t enjoy life. How many people do you know that haven’t succeed? Exactly my point. The ratios on the probable answer when you take a minute to think about it are probably drastic. So with that said. I’ll let love do it’s inevitable thing, the money that’s just for tally not the pursuit and Life. Well that I will keep on chasing.

-Guess I’m Not a Love Jones, My Bad..

About the Author

Kwame Belle is a senior journalism major and arts management minor at SUNY Oswego. He is also a member of the Sigma Pi chapter of the National Communication Honor Society, Lambda Pi Eta.
Email: bellek109@gmail.com
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7 thoughts on “Which One Would You Choose?

  1. no, you’re an idiot. Want to prove to yourself you value love more than money. Pick any relative, and put a price on their life. Go be happy with that- no chance.

  2. Love or money? Definitely love. I finally found it and won’t give it up for anything! Neither of us have much money at the moment, but I don’t care!

  3. @ Mike . Your right there are a few grammatical mistakes. I’ll look closer to make sure it’s to a higher standard for my next facebook repost. 🙂 . As you yourself can see , writing in the moment can lead to a few mistakes.

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