Remember the past, it will always be a close friend.

It has been crazy busy here in the land of Lizz! I have officially registered for my last semester of undergrad at SUNY Oswego. I don’t know whether to feel happy, sad, joyful, fearful, excited. I can definitely tell you that I am overwhelmed! This means I’ve got to ‘grow up’.

For the past 17 years, I have attended school. Having two months off in the summer and then for 10 months, five days a week my life has been planned out. Class, sports practice/game, home to dinner, homework bed get up and do it all again. It certainly has flown by. It seems like yesterday I was just entering freshman yeah of high school. Flaunting around my house to my mom “I’m in high school, I’m a freshman!” and she would tell me to be quiet, it’s making her feel old! haha! But I’ve almost finished four years of college. Unbelievable. I am so proud of myself. Everything that I have accomplished in four years here at Oswego. Something we “generation y’ers” forget to do for ourselves, take pride in what we’ve accomplished even when it wasn’t instant gratification or a success. Our best lessons come from learning to get off the ground when you’ve been beat down. Lord knows I’ve had my downs with where I’ve come from. But I’ll always keep it in my back pocket. A little reminder to smile because I did something, I took action to not let it bring me down. Let’s take a look back at where I’ve been…

Freshman year: My grandmother passed away on the first day of classes, that set me off on the wrong foot. I had a very hard time dealing with that. But I had a great experience with my roommate and fellow blogger, Samantha Shelton! We got along like peas and carrots from the first time we met. There were obviously quarrels here and there but it happens. I switched my major from Biology: Pre-Med to Public Relations. I became and orientation leader for freshman and transfer programs. I met a boy that went to the same high school and ended up dating him. I met some of the best friends I’ve ever had freshman year. I was really involved with intramural sports and clubs. I got out of my comfort zone of coming from a homogeneous community and this really set the pace for the rest of my college career…

Sophomore year: I was a member of the varsity track and field team: throwers represent! “TSF :)” I continued working with orientation as a mentor and teaching assistant for GST 100 and applied for the second season of orientation! I moved into Hart Hall in the spring and had a roommate from Korea who I absolutely love and adore! I learned a lot living with her:) I hope to be able to visit her some day! I experienced my first real heart break. I found my niche within my major, where I saw myself and where I wanted to head. I visited NYC at least three times and left my heart in the city…. <3

Junior Year: I finished up my second year with orientation serving as a mentor and teaching assistant. I moved off campus with my boyfriend at the time and that unfortunately did not work, learned a lot from that experience. I added a business administration minor and became a certified event planner through the Metro Center in Syracuse. I was also an intern in the Public Affairs office working with social media and writing press releases. I also served as the Director of Civic Engagement for Student Association and experienced a whole new world of politics that I learned I DO NOT ever want to get involved with. This year I also became and employee at Maurices Inc. and absolutely loved the girls I worked with. I really started becoming me and experienced one of the lowest lows I’ve ever had. I gained some basic tools to help me serve the “low moments” that comes in life’s handbook. This was also the year of my 21st birthday where I celebrated with some great friends of mine from my fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega:) I went to the Adirondak’s over the summer with my boyfriend and his family at the time.. awesome experience!

Alpha Phi Omegan: Alpha Omicron

Senior year: Here it is… I’m living it. My classes are great, I’m finally getting to put into practice all that I’ve learned. Out of my six classes I’m taking 5 of them required group work and hands on planning. Campaigns, communication seminars, press conferences, papers and research. This is why I became a PR major:) I’m currently working in the ARTSwego department on campus as the social media liason. I love it so far! I recently received an acceptance for an interview at a HUGE PR firm in NYC called 5W Public Relations… it’s on the top 20 list of PR firms in the U.S! How awesome! I have my interview Friday, Nov. 19 @ 1 PM in NYC, downtown Manhattan! ahhhhh, I’m freaking out! But this is what I’ve been waiting for. My horoscope told me that new opportunities and adventures were heading my way and that it’s recommended that I take them and run. Well I’m running and I’m not stopping!

I’ll be sure to take pictures and update you on the experience in NYC. My best friend from home is coming with me and it’s gonna be one heck of a time! I can finally say that I’m happy with where I have come from, where I am and where I’m going. It took a while but ya know what, it’s all been a journey and I wouldn’t change a single thing. I’ve met some really awesome people, had some great and no so great experiences and above all, I’m doing this all for me. To make my proud, my mom, my brother, my dad and the rest of my family and friends proud. I hope they are:)

*Funny the way it is* <— song for the day.

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I'm a junior Public Relations major with a minor in psychology. I work with the new student orientation programs over the summer and the fall semester as a Laker Leader. I'm a member of the indoor and out door varsity track team. I throw shot put, discus, hammer, weight and javelin. I'm from a very, very little town called Atlanta, New York. It is about 30 minutes south of SUNY Geneseo. I really like art and music. I have quite a creative side and I really enjoy new things!
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  1. It sounds like you’ve had a pretty crazy four years here. I wondered what your favorite Oswego memory is? How did the interview with the big PR firm go? Job lined up?

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