Seventh Day of Practicum, Fall ’10

Today was only a half-day for Syracuse City Schools, so it was a pretty easy day. Unfortunately, I was very hungry the whole time and hadn’t brought any food to snack on, and the classrooms were uncomfortably cold. At first, I thought that maybe it was just me, but no, the first words that came out of my Host Teacher’s mouth were in regard to how cold the room was. I guess that the heat wasn’t on, and I know that it was very cold outside, because my ride was a few minutes late picking me up, because her car was frozen. Unfortunately, Winter is upon us!

On our way to Practicum, the three of us (carpooling mates) were talking about how after next week, there is only one more time that we have to go to Practicum, and that is December 3rd (the day that I have to teach). December 10th, I will not be going as far as I know, because my ride is going home, and that is the last day of classes, anyway. I doubt Practicum students will be expected to go, anyway, for that reason. A lot of students, especially Education majors, don’t have final exams, and a lot of those students don’t have classes on Fridays, and they will therefore be going home on Thursday. Anyway, I can’t wait for the semester to be over. It has really taken a toll on me.

Today, all I basically did was grade more papers, but my Host Teacher was great with the students, displaying a great deal of patience and understanding. Today was apparently the last day of the marking period, so she gave them time in class to complete missing assignments in order to bring their grades up, and since it was a half-day, this was the first time that I observed Fifth Block. The class was pretty noisy, but it was a study hall, anyway. Anyway, I will be writing about Practicum again next week (when my Host Teacher will be a substitute), and I will be doing so at home!

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Hey, I'm Christopher. I am currently a graduate student in the SUNY Oswego English program, and I am also a Desk Attendant in Sheldon Hall (where I am also living). I graduated with two degrees in May 2012 - English and Adolescence Education with a Concentration in English. I substitute-taught in Rome City School District fall 2012 and then came back to school in January 2013 in order to obtain a masters degree in English, which I plan to obtain in May 2014. I love to read, and I love TV shows, especially science-fiction and fantasy.
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