Positive talk..

Unconditional love is what makes the world go around. Why is it that when we go through a break up, lose someone special or are faced with an obstacle we tend to feel like our whole world is falling apart? At this time we become selfish human beings that no one’s life is as hard as ours during that time. I know it is hard to look at everything in a positive light but don’t you think the more negative we think, the more negative we attract into our lives? The law of attraction states that you attract those things in which you utilize energy thinking about. Therefore, if you think about how stressed you are, depressed, how hard life is etc. you will continue to attract struggle into your life, you will continue to be faced with events that cause you to feel this way all over again. Don’t you ever wonder why things may feel like they are happening in a cycle that eventually brings you back to where you started? The hardest thing is trying to keep a positive attitude when things may not be going as you planned. This may not always be a bad thing. The beauty of life is that you experience things that contribute to your growth. How could you be grateful for the things you have if you never experienced life without it? I remember one day spending time with my mom and her friend, when her friend asked me, “if there were two roads, one smooth and one bumpy, which one will you choose?” I replied quickly without any thought, the smooth road until he explained to me and I began to put thought into it… he explained that you could think of life in two ways, smooth or bumpy. He said that he personally would choice the bumpy road only because eventually when you reach the smooth road you will be able to cherish and be grateful because you have already experienced the hardship (bumpy road). This stuck to me because it was a very powerful analogy. There are a lot of things about myself that I am trying to change, one being keeping positive attitude despite anything you maybe going through. This is a very hard thing to do especially being a college student away from home. I have struggled with a lot of things being away from home and one thing I can say is that it has made me the type of person I am today. I will never wish for things to happen in another way because I know they are meant to happen just as they do. The only thing you can do is be grateful for the things and people you have in your life and cherish the moments with them because somewhere in the world there are people without family or friends and struggling just to stay alive. So the next time you think that your life is hard remember the people out there that are fighting to stay alive. REMEMBER! “The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.” ~UNKNOWN

4 thoughts on “Positive talk..

  1. This is very true indeed my love. I believe that positivity is always the road to take & it builds upon our successes. Even though your far from home right now you’ve managed to do your thing, so proud of you 🙂 Feel accomplished!…Not a day goes by I dont think of you, miss you XoXo :*…PS Nice work, gets better each time…

  2. Very insightful post. Indeed, we should not take for granted people around us and be grateful that we are blessed to have them in our life. Good luck!

  3. I love it, this has been my way of thinking for the past couple of weeks glad to see someone sharing the same thoughts i have and im glad its my bestie <3

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