“The most important emotion is LOVE”

Quotes can often INSPIRE and MOTIVATE people to live life a certain way. One quote that has consistently done that for me is “the most IMPORTANT emotion is LOVE” by Sonia Sanchez. I remember the first time I heard this quote; it was about 3 years ago during an inspirational speech given by Sonia Sanchez. For those who do not know who Sonia Sanchez is, she is an African American poet who has had a huge impact on the Black Arts Movement. After hearing this quote, I was concentrating on the power and meaning behind her words, I could not stop replaying the quote in my head trying to justify whether this quote related to me. I knew there was something special about these words and I still do.

“The most IMPORTANT emotion is LOVE” because without LOVE there’s no PASSION, without LOVE there’s no DETERMINATION and without LOVE there’s no MOTIVATION. So if LOVE is associated with all these great qualities than without LOVE there is NOTHING. If you are not PASSIONATE, DETERMINED, or MOTIVATED by anything in the world than what is your PURPOSE? LOVE builds relationships, LOVE builds businesses, and LOVE builds US as individuals that are PASSIONATE, MOTIVATED and DETERMINED to do something in life on this earth.

If this is not true than why are we here? We are all put on earth for a PURPOSE. To LOVE one another UNCONDITONAL, to find what it is that we LOVE so we can use that to DRIVE us to the things we are PASSIONATE about. So let me help you understand, my LOVE for basketball and fitness is what MOTIVATES me to be the best I can be in those aspects of my life and to help those around me live to their HIGHEST POTENTIAL. I am MOTIVATED, PASSIONATE and therefore DETERMINED to be SUCCESSFUL at those things that I LOVE. I hope this makes sense and if not I hope this gives you something to think about, just a little food for thought. I will leave you with another quote “Who you are is Love itself, even if you do not recognize it; for LOVE has NO LIMITS, it just IS, and just as you are, ONE WITH EVERYTHING!” ~ UNKNOWN

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