Global warming doesn’t exist

Dear Mr. Global Warming himself,

Al Gore, come on. Washington D.C., South and North Carolina, Texas, Delaware and Arkansas all got a TON of snow a couple of weeks ago. GLOBAL WARMING DOES NOT EXIST!

I mean, don’t even regard the fact that the ice in the Arctic is melting causing a drastic change in temperature of the Atlantic Ocean which in turn is creating a shift in the ocean patterns creating greater, more intense storms.

Also, don’t pay attention to the fact that parts of the Northeast and Northwest, which are used to having pretty blustery winters, are seeing almost less snow than parts of Virginia and Delaware.

Most importantly, don’t pay attention to the amount of snow that’s melting from parts of the Arctic that’s submerging Bangladesh, which eventually might be completely underwater.

Listen, Al Gore, our children are out on our lawns in February creating igloos. Don’t worry, we’ve set one aside for you.

Snowstorms in D.C. = no such thing as global warming. Let’s put our money back into coal and unhealthy consumption habits because quite frankly, Copenhagen was a waste of money. The Kyoto protocol is just another way for the Chinese to try to take over the U.S. And, the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and increasingly Pakistan are just humanitarian, democracy-spreading wars and not battles over who controls the oil in the Middle East.

Us politicians here at the White House choose to side with Rush Limbaugh and Senator James Inhofe and tell the truth about global warming. It doesn’t EXIST. We still use the money that the oil lobbyists pump into our “public” accounts to buy ourselves nice vacations to the Caribbean and to add to the overall carbon footprint of humans. We would know if global warming was true because the oil companies would tell us that we’re polluting and destroying the earth and atmosphere. But, they’re not telling us, so we’re not going to believe the scientists.

GLOBAL WARMING DOESN’T EXIST, AL. Take your humanitarian realism out of here. D.C.’s only big enough for politicians who know the difference between winter storms and global warming.


Global Warming Skeptics
A.K.A. All Republican Representatives and Senators and Lawmakers in D.C.

Are you serious? Are we really second guessing the facts? While I am not always 100% convinced by scientists on the latest genome discovery, I am extremely confident that what they’re telling us about climate change and global warming has a huge significance in our lives.

Michael Reilly said it really well in his article the other day, “Massive piles of snow in and around Washington, D.C. brought out the climate loonies.” Senator Inhofe was one of those “loonies” who immediately starting griping about how Al Gore was sensationalized and completely false.

I’ll admit that while Gore’s presentation was a bit dramatic; it did show us very important details. Humans are contributing to the processes of the earth, and we’re speeding them up! We’re putting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than ever before.

According to NASA’s Web site, C02 has never been at the level it is now in hundreds of thouands of years.

The problem with this “debate” (although evidence is very compelling to say at the very least that SOMETHING is happening to our environment) is that people don’t understand the facts. They’re going off of those who interpret the facts say, and in this case, politicians decided to be the ones to interpret. This, in Al Gore’s case, worked out for him in a good way because his name and face on the “Inconvenient Truth” gave it tons of publicity. But, in the reverse, the fact that he was a politician saying this gave other politicians the opportunity to use their celebrity to be muckrakers and ween out the “facts.” In truth, it’s all just sensationalized because no one knows for sure what is going on.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the U.S. puts it simply for us to realize:
– Human Activity Has Increased Greenhouse Gases in the Atmosphere
– The Climate is Warming
– Human Greenhouse Gas Emissions are Causing Climate Change
– Climate Change is Projected to Continue During This Century

Change is coming. We can choose to either change our habits and try to reduce the effects we’ve had on the environment. Or, we could choose to keep on keeping on, and follow the advice of Senator Inhofe and others, and say that we have no responsibility or accountability for the changing climate.

Once again, it’s your choice – make it.


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Jr. SUNY Oswego Journalism major Global Studies Minor Environmental activist, cultural advocate, uninhibited dancer, singer, writer, traveler.
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8 thoughts on “Global warming doesn’t exist

  1. Hi, I read your article on global warming and i was amazed at how much research you actually had on the subject,I especially like the part where you said “The problem with this “debate” (although evidence is very compelling to say at the very least that SOMETHING is happening to our environment) is that people don’t understand the facts. You are so right ,people don`t understand what is going on around them and sooner or later they will have to or it will be to late for us all.Liked the article.

  2. Thanks for your comments. This just enrages me when people are so quick to jump to conclusions that something isn’t really happening. Although we don’t have all of the evidence on global warming and climate change, I’d like to encourage people to react with the precautionary principle. We should err on the side of caution because we DON’T know all of the details! It’s obvious we have a direct impact on the earth through our normal activities, so why not be a little more cautious!

    Check out my other blog that I’ll be continuing (since I’ve now graduated and won’t be editing this one as much :). Thanks!

  3. i read the artical but i dont nessisaraly think it is true because just because thoose places got a lot of snow doesnt mean global warming doesnt exist. the weather dosnt always tell you everything it just could have been the weather acting up and the last time i checked (today) the reason global warming is happening is because of the greenhouse gasses being put up in to the atmosphere are from fosil fuels being burned by cars and factories. you might think that global warming isnt happening because we are still comming out of the last ice age.

    help from my 7th grade debate class

  4. Okay I’m sorry to say this but, you have got to be kidding. Why would we ignore the facts and focus on some snow in DC. And why would we listen to the oil companies who’s product is thought to be the cause of global warming?

  5. Hi Mark and Lauren,

    Even now in 2012, there are still many politicians who say that humans do not have an impact on the systems of the earth. But, let’s be honest, over the past decade, a majority of people (scientists and non-scientists) have realized that we’re doing something to the planet by burning coal, burning rainforests, dumping toxic chemicals into ocean, etc.

    I think a majority of people have moved on from being skeptics, to being more precautionary. Yes, the oil companies and natural gas companies(such as Chesapeake in upstate NY) have tons of lobbying power, but the general population is a lot more aware of what’s happening to our planet because we are feeling the effects everywhere.

    Please check out Bill McKibben’s group to see what’s happening for this movement. I’m so glad you came here and read this, and please, KEEP ASKING QUESTIONS! Keep questioning the status quo, because the U.S.’s “Green” Revolution is here and is ready for young people to provide its fuel.

  6. Hi FreeSpirit,
    Most of my sources are attached as green links (hover over them to see). As for more in-depth sources, I am remiss to say that I don’t have any currently, as I did this post a few years ago. Hope this helps.

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