Dear France, I think you forgot a holiday!

So if you were in Paris right now, you would think it is already December and christmas was right around the corner because EVERY SINGLE STORE is already Christmased out!  Decorations and light toys and candy and its like christmas already here.  I know Thanksgiving is a North American holiday and it is a celebration of starting a new life in the “new world” and giving thanks for the things we have.  But really, shouldn’t everyone in the world celebrate their family and give thanks for everything they have?  I think so.  Plus it is WAYYY to early to be like 100% into Christmas.  It is still over a month away and this Christmas stuff here has been happening since after Halloween.  I find it so strange!  Luckily for me I am having Thanksgiving dinner with the family I babysit for because the Father is American.  It is not going to be the same, just a dinner after their long days at work and school, but it is better than nothing.  I am going to miss Turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie and all the other wonderful things that are Thanksgiving in the US.  But I am definitely going to miss the smells of Thanksgiving and of course the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  

Anyway, it has been a little while since I posted.  I have been getting into a routine here and the days are just moving by like clockwork.  There hasn’t been anything really exciting talk about in the past week or so.  The excitement is wearing off.  I sometimes think oh I am living in Europe, but then after that I think hmm, well it doesn’t feel like anything special or out of the ordinary anymore.  I am not just an American visiting here for a little while, I am really into the full-blown real life of Paris.  Although I only have 50 days left here until I come home!  I have already been here for almost 80 days!  That is so strange to imagine. 

Although there has not been a lot of excitement recently, the next two weeks are CRAZY busy!  Twilight comes out in Theatres tomorrow and I am going to that!  I am very excited…2 days earlier than the US! Also, one of my best friends, who was an exchange student at my high school from Germany is coming to visit tomorrow for 4 days!  I am looking forward to seeing her!  It will be really great to have a familiar face visit!  When she leaves I have normal classes next week then on Thursday is Thanksgiving and after class I am babysitting then having my Paris-version of Thanksgiving dinner!  On Friday I am taking a train to visit another one of my good friends who was an exchange student at my high school in the Netherlands!  I will be there for 4 days and I am so excited.  When I get back it will be December already.  So for the next few weeks I am really busy and then my semester starts coming to a close and then I will be off to Germany for Christmas! 

Sorry there isn’t anything really exciting to talk about that has happened lately but enjoy for now!

One thought on “Dear France, I think you forgot a holiday!

  1. I randomly stumbled upon your blog and it reminded me of when I studied abroad in Paris. I spent my senior year of college there and ended up going back for my masters. There is no doubt that I love this city (Paris) and it has changed my life. The best thing about Paris is its living history – via the churches, old buildings etc… I also met my wife there and we both are currently living in Montreal -which by the way I hate.

    Paris is Paris – and it comes with a lot of charm and class. In the USA (my origin) and Quebec (where I’m at now) life is all about work, earning, purchasing and accumulating things and not to mention very individualist society. I miss Paris a lot and hopefully if the economy and unemployment rate drops there, we’d go back in a second. I’m not by any means a work-aholic but 8 months of unemployment followed by 3 months of work followed by 8 more months of unemployment is not for me.

    Thanksgiving as you said is very North American – and you won’t find it anywhere else. I don’t consider this bad at all but yes it surely makes the Christmas season longer.

    I’d assume you’re back already – anyways nice blog.

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