23rd district of NY vote on November 3.

Recently I have become a little more interested in political affairs. I always said, “I’ll never become involved in politics. They’re so contradictory and not worth my time.” It wasn’t until last year’s presidential election that I realized how important my vote was. I am so thankful that Obama was voted as president. Since then I have become more aware of what politicians are doing and how they are getting their views out to the public.

As you may or may not know, the congressional election for the 23rd district is quickly approaching. On November 3 voting begins. The candidates are Republican Dede Scozzafava, Conservative Doug Hoffman and Democrat Bill Owens. For the first time, in a very long time, the Democrat is ahead in the race. Not by much, but he is in the lead. I call myself a democrat but there are some republican views that I also agree with.

Here are some main points of each candidates issues and a link to more information if you wish to read more.


Dede Scozzafava campaign:
• Agriculture: a larger farming industry. Wants to reform that way that dairy is sold.
• Economy: Wants to keep 2001/2003 tax cuts permanent. Repeal death tax. Keep AMT from hitting the middle class.
• Health care: opposes cutting funding for Medicare.
More info., visit http://www.dedeforcongress.com/


Doug Hoffman campaign:
• Healthcare: spiral the costs and oppose universal health care so it is affordable to everyone.
• Immigration: make it easier for immigrants to enter the United States
• Tax pledges: Signed the “no new taxes” pledge.
More info, visit http://www.doughoffmanforcongress.com


Bill Owens campaign:
• Healthcare: more affordable health care for every American. Opposes cutting Medicare benefits
• Jobs: keep NY going green. Supporting Fort Drum. Recruit Canadian investment.
• Economy: make businesses accountable and take tax cuts away from companies that take jobs away from NY. Supports low taxes for small businesses.
• Agriculture: support subsidies and import limits to help farmers and ranchers.
More info, visit http://www.billowensforcongress.com

Whether you are 100% into politics or not, it is important to vote. EVERY VOTE COUNTS. Make sure that the right leader is chosen to run the 23rd district of NY . Make sure you make YOUR voice heard. VOTE NOVEMBER 3!

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