On the Road Again

I can’t quite begin to explain what is in the air? I’m feeling unsettled just about everyday. I keep finding myself to be worried or puzzled about various things. I know it has a large part to do with graduating. This is by far one of the biggest transitions in my life second on my list. It would go right on the list of transitions directly after childbirth.

I know that I see myself being successful and doing great things. It however, is all in a matter of time. Time that can appear to be very long in nature but fast in action. There are a few weeks remaining to graduation on May 16th. Last week was the grad finale and I took my senior pictures, brought my cap and gown, and contributed to the senior class eco-fund. The eco-fund is a great project because it will help support future green initiatives for campus projects. I am going to make the most of the remaing time and I’m extremely delighted to have come this far and to have as much admiration and love for SUNY Oswego these past years!


3 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. Congrats on your up coming graduation. Glad to see you doing so well. Miss you. Call me.

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