Dreaming bigger

Out of the many life lessons both inside and outside of the classroom, dreaming bigger has to be one of my top lessons. From each step and each year that I moved forward at SUNY Oswego I never once have gotten stuck or felt that I could just stop at any point and just remain where I was. After each moment in time there is always something that I wanted to accomplish whether that meant making the Dean’s list, getting a job on campus, joining an organization, landing an internship, amongst other things I just kept moving.

Moving and moving not to stop once. That is to say once I got to a place that I wanted and it became a reality I just continued to strive for more. This was not out of greed but out of need. The need to always seek improvement. The need to always learn more. The need to always give more. The need to always work harder. The need to consistently make a difference for the greater good and community at-large. None of that would be any fun or worth the wild if I were to stop at just one achievement. So, I challenge you or anyone else to take the next leap of faith to being able to continue to strive and work harder at whatever it is that you may want, love, and/or enjoy. Thats one of many lessons I learned at SUNY Oswego. What are you prepared to learn? After all it was my thoughts that carried me  and lead me to this point. What’s on your mind? What do you think about?

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