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All right, so once again I’m writing about a topic that’s not exactly related to Oswego, but I find it acceptable seeing as how we haven’t been here for the past week. Tuesday, I got the new Kelly Clarkson album, All I Ever Wanted, and I am loving it. Following up on the raw, somewhat dark material of 2007’s My December, Clarkson portrays sheer energy on the album, with a few songs, such as “Tip of My Tongue” (only available on the deluxe edition) and “If I Can’t Have You,” that can be heard as dance songs. Other tracks such as “Impossible” nearly evoke an electronic mood. Ultimately, All I Ever Wanted is catchy and charismatic, qualities some consider the last record to lack.

The record opens with the first single, “My Life Would Suck Without You.” Although I had never thought of it myself beforehand, someone suggested to me the other day that the song’s melody and style closely resembles that of “Since U Been Gone,” Clarkson’s massive hit single from her sophomore record Breakaway. After the thought was set on the table, I began to think about it myself and realized that it was indeed true. The record then moves into the catchy and fast-paced “I Do Not Hook Up” (originally written and recorded by Katy Perry as a demo). Other standout tracks include track 4, “Don’t Let Me Stop You” (most likely a future single), track 8, “Save You” and track 10 “Long Shot” (also noted as originally being a Katy Perry track).

The whole album is so easy to love and sing to. I fell in love with it within the first hour of owning it Tuesday morning. If you’re a Kelly Clarkson fan, then for sure, go buy All I Ever Wanted. You won’t be disappointed. Keep in mind, however, that the standard edition of the album ends with track 14, “If No One Will Listen,” whereas the deluxe edition has two bonus tracks, “Tip of My Tongue” and “The Day We Fell Apart.” The deluxe edition also features a bonus DVD, which includes the “My Life Would Suck Without You” music video, the making of the music video and the making of the album.

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