A quiet beginning

Here goes my final semester and its off to a quiet start which is much appreciated. I’m looking forward to a really productive time. But, really and truly the semester seems very mysterious not in a since of leaving, graduating, and/or anything like that. Its all just so mysterious because I don’t know what is to come in the next phase. Yes there are plans of job seeking and graduate school. However, beyond that are questions of who? what? where? why? when?

It was never a thought in my mind that I wouldn’t find my way. I actually found great privilege in finding and discovering new paths. These new paths represent so much including places untraveled, friendships not yet acquired, food untasted, and even romance unfounded to name a few. I’m excited about the road ahead. I would say that I’m not unsettled about much in terms of whats coming forward. I’m certain everything shall pay off for the better. Even in High School I would have never fathomed being at this stage in life; I just didn’t, nobody does. It is almost like a puzzle to me and the pieces to the puzzle are always changing and transforming leaving it to never be a complete configuration of what is to happen until I match the next puzzle piece to add a further portion to the picture; my life.

Some would find the stages that require a person to wait for the next step to be nerve racking. This is also known for many if not all as transitions in life. I find transitions to be great! Part with the old and and set sail with the new and embrace the changes as they come is how I see it. Thats what I did when I first entered SUNY Oswego and it has brought me great enthusiasm on the many types of opportunities I can have just by me wanting to explore and embrace my transitions. So despite what good or bad of a transition one can be I will look to embrace and learn as much as I can from each one.

After all, life is about growth, hardships, success, struggles, and change to name a few things. I’m just attempting to find as many puzzle pieces as I can when setting sail on each transition and journey. No I don’t always have the answers but I would definitely like to find them. I’m certain not all transitions will be good ones, but I intend to make the most of them. I may not always have what I want but I will work even harder for what I may need. Be not afraid of what is to come! Is what I say to myself on the quiet evenings as I think rapidly before I fall asleep. I say myself, champion all odds because each goal, each achievement, each trial, each error strengthen me.

2 thoughts on “A quiet beginning

  1. I feel you man. I’ll be graduating soon also, and though the unemployment rate is higher than its been in 30 years, sticking it out and going to grad. school is a great idea.

  2. Thanks Andrew, I would agree with you that there are difficult times approaching for us soon-to-be graduates. What a time to graduate right? But, I am confident that something will work out. We just have to continue to work harder.

    Thanks again for your post!


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