exam timeeeee :(

And so we enter the point in the semester that we all dread; final projects and exams.  For me, i usually always have atleast one presentation, at least 2 projects, and a couple papers to write for the end of the semester.  Luckily I was smart this time and began working on them early so everything wasn’t put off until the end.  I strongly advise at least starting your finals projects and papers, so you have an idea of what you will be doing towards the end… i know this info might be a little too late now, but maybe for next semester advice…. get everything started early!

Exams are also a pain in the butt, especially if they are cumulative.  fortunately i only have 2 this semester, which is nice, and after this week I’m pretty much done except for those exams.  Mt favorite place to study or  write final papers is the library…. i know i know, its sounds nerdy, but the library is really my favorite place on campus.  If you haven’t been there you should really check it out.  theres tons of resources and  lots of helpful people.  even if you don’t need anything from the library, its a great place to get some work done.  The third floor is completely quiet, and I swear time flys up there, and I actually get things done!  When I go with friends we usually either go to the reference room or the 2nd floor for a less-quiet, but still studious atmosphere.  However, watch out for the second floor, because there are lots of interesting magazines that tend to distract me from doing work!  But seriously, go check out the library, its a great place to study and find resources 🙂

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