Going Home

I can’t wait to go home! I really am so excited. The last time I was home was the weekend before Halloween, but it feels like it’s been so much longer than that. I have never felt this excited to go home before, and this really goes back to an earlier blog I wrote about how my perspective on my hometown has changed so much since I got here. Being away from home makes me think of my hometown differently; it makes me appreciate it more. I can’t wait to see my friends and my family and to have my own bedroom with no roommate! That has to be the best part! Just kidding, but seriously, it is nice having your own room and therefore not having to worry about making sure that your habits match up to or at least don’t interfere with someone else’s.

I will be leaving on Wednesday, and that honestly feels too far away. There are butterflies in my stomach at the very thought of going home. Wednesday I will be seeing Twilight as far as I know, and I actually just got done reading the novel a few days ago, so I’m really looking forward to that. Perhaps later in the week I will write a blog entry about seeing that and what I liked about it and what I didn’t like, how it was different from the novel. I’ll just warn you ahead of time, though, as I also will when the time comes, that there will probably be spoilers, so don’t read it if you haven’t read the novel or seen the movie but are planning to.

It’s going to be so awesome, and this is what’s crazy. A few minutes ago, I had an epiphany. When we get back here, there will be less than three weeks until we go home again! In fact, on Sunday when most of us get back, we can say that two weeks from Saturday, we go home again. It’s pretty crazy, especially considering the fact that finals are coming up so soon! Returning from Thanksgiving break is going to mean buckling down and heavy studying!

I encourage fellow bloggers to maybe take a few minutes over break and talk about your home experiences, especially if it’s your first time being home since the semester started. That has to feel strange, not having been home in three months!

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Hey, I'm Christopher. I am currently a graduate student in the SUNY Oswego English program, and I am also a Desk Attendant in Sheldon Hall (where I am also living). I graduated with two degrees in May 2012 - English and Adolescence Education with a Concentration in English. I substitute-taught in Rome City School District fall 2012 and then came back to school in January 2013 in order to obtain a masters degree in English, which I plan to obtain in May 2014. I love to read, and I love TV shows, especially science-fiction and fantasy.
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2 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. I like that challenge. I think attending college makes us all see and appreciate home in a different way, and it’s especially interesting to read about it. Hope you are enjoying the break for Thanksgiving!

  2. Unfortunately, Rome really doesn’t have a whole lot of fancy restaurants. There’s a Friendly’s, a Denny’s and a Teddy’s. Teddy’s is really nice; that would probably be my strongest recommendation.

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